Short Review of Mud, Sweat, and Tears by Bear Grylls

Summary of Mud, Sweat, and Tears

What did I like the most? A person’s dream is only an idea unless and until one works to put the thoughts into action.

The author puts a question and then answers the question himself. The question is, who is a gentleman? The answer comes from the author, who sacrifices themself and cares for others in one’s daily life. The author says that kindness is an essential human trait. An individual must be careful and not hurt whom they love. All mortals make mistakes, small or significant, but one need not harm others because of their selfishness. 

The author reminisces on advice from his grandparents that the grass is not green always and true love is worth fighting for. An honest opinion from the author is one must not get on an adventure without a concrete plan. In addition, one must not depend on others and need to believe their instinct. One must always be in communication with themself. Tears are not harmful, and one must cry enough as a kid. Once they attain adulthood, they forget to cry and behave toughly. 

In the author’s opinion, an individual must learn to fight fear and become fearless. The author expresses his mind that laziness and lack of enthusiasm are evil, and one must fight to remove these undesirable traits. The author expresses his desire to climb mountains and states that he finds a strong bond with the mountains in everyday life. 

The author distinguishes between religious faith and spirituality. The author experiences the powerful presence of Christ in his individual life whenever he had fallen weak. The author remembers his days at Eton College, where he got the company friends. The author had time to learn about life and the secret to own up to responsibility in individual life.

The author mentions a lesson learned from his mother that one must learn to give before getting anything. The author adds another piece of advice from his memory that his father always advised him to pursue one’s dreams and take care of family and friends. The author opines to live life freely. Dreams have no meaning unless one works to realise them into reality. 

The author has a message for the masses. “Life is all about getting up again, dusting yourself down again, learning from the lessons, and then pushing on.”

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