The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale: Quick Summary

A Quick Review of The Power of Positive Thinking

What do I like most? It is a book for all those who worry. It helps one to think positively.

We may sum the three significant factors responsible that help one think positively up – 

  1. When a person starts with confidence, problems will start shrinking.
  2. One’s world revolves around one’s thoughts about one’s experience.
  3. Imagining a worry-free life is a prerequisite to live a worry-free life.

Confidence is a must, but competence is also necessary; hence, one must not feel inferior. Besides confidence, competence must be considered. The author tells an exercise to control one’s thoughts. One should visualize his thought process of what they want and like to see themself after six months.

Also, visualization of problems and obstacles one might have to encounter during these six months. We term such an exercise mental contrasting. To quote the author, “your world is nothing more than the thoughts you have about your experiences.”

All the problems, howsoever serious, are authentic and need a serious approach to solve them. Attitude plays the most crucial part in reaching all issues. An individual’s experience of the worldly experience finds the determination of reality out. Minor or significant events, whether good or bad, need not bring negative thoughts. Even if the experience is wrong, one must forget it and concentrate on positive reviews.

Man has been gifted the power of imagination. The proper use of vision can be to feel worry-free. Why should worry be avoided? Because it causes physical and mental diseases. Hence, it is in the best interest to eliminate the worry factor. Once one drains the mind of the worry factor, the positive thoughts move deep inside the subconscious. A positive set of ideas creates a positive attitude. Success comes only when the perspective of the person is positive. How does this positive attitude work? If one wants to get others to care about one, one must care about others. The adults must learn the art of remaining happy from children.

Why one needs to focus on being stuck in a critical situation? Because to remove the obstacles. Once obstacles are removed automatically, the necessary condition will be overcome.

How can spirituality help one? The lessons from spiritual books help a person develop an antidote to fight and find the problem.

Why is it important to have faith? Faith increases the humane qualities of patient perseverance and leading one towards positivity in thoughts.

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Dave Peterson
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