Short Review of Rejection Proof by Jia Jiang 

Summary of Rejection Proof

The thing I liked the most about the book- the way the author simplifies rejection and asks the individual to treat it just like any other thing. 

The author takes up a thesis that when an individual overcomes the fear of rejection in his individual life, amazing things take place. It is not a top-end secret that to become a master of the craft; skills are needed. Besides the skills, a robust resisting power to counter rejection is also required. 

Hence, one needs acceptance from self and not seeking other’s approval. 

The author asserts that others too showed the same qualities when he was confident, friendly, and open. The author believes the researchers who have proved that humour and laughter have the power to decrease pain. The author does not believe that rejection is wrong and says that one should take it in the right spirit and consider it an opinion. So when a rejection comes, this may be an opinion based on the person’s mood, needs, and circumstances at the moment or because of the person’s knowledge, experience, education, culture, and upbringing.

The author observed that rejection did not deter him and gave him another chance to talk to another person. When the individual seeks approval from themself, he is bound to get acceptance from others, too. The author explains he did not lose common sense and gathered the courage to look forward to hidden meanings whenever his request was rejected. This prompted him to bring a change in his tactics without losing his goal. 

So whenever one comes across a rejection by others. The very first thing one must ask himself “is my idea worthy of rejection.”       

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