Public Holidays in Australia

List of Public Holidays In Australia With Dates And Days:

Public holidays in Australia 2016: Like any other country, Australia celebrates a significant number of holidays in a year. On these Public holidays in Australia, banks, government offices and businesses stay closed. Holiday are just to celebrate or commemorate the moment for which holiday was created. Amazingly, most of the holidays come on the Mondays. That’s why extended weekend is very often in Australia.

Another surprising fact is that on these extended weekends, people in Australia get more busy. If you  are planning to visit Australia in peak holiday season. You should book interstate flights and bookings. As everything gets busier than usual on weekends or holidays.

In this article, we have gathered National Public holidays in Australia 2016 list. You can also find Australian State and Regional Public Holidays here.

National Public Holidays In Australia 2016

Public holidays in Australia mainly consist upon New years eve, Australia Day, Easter, Christmas, Good Friday and Anzac day. As far Queen’s birthday and Labour day are concerned, Individual states confirm such holidays as per their policies.

Here is the list of Public holidays in Australia with their dates and days!

  • New Year Holiday: 1st January, Friday
  • Australia Day: 26th January, Tuesday
  • Good Friday: 25th March, Friday
  • Easter Saturday: 26th March, Saturday
  • Easter Monday: 28th March, Monday
  • Anzac Day: 25th April, Monday
  • Boxing Day: 26th December, Monday

Merry Christmas 2016 Day:

Australia has the exceptional Christmas Day. As Aussies have to celebrate Christmas in mid Summer because of the northern hemisphere. On Christmas, already summer holidays usually declared by authorities. So, that time becomes extremely busy for people living in Australia. People go out and get busy buying gifts for friends and families. Windows get full of new and exciting toys. People make the snowy environment with fake snow and reindeer. Traditionally, Aussies prepare Christmas lunch with Turkey, ham and plum pudding. Some people organize a typical Aussie Style BBQ. On Bondi Beach if Sydney, people from every corner of the country come for the picnic.

Happy Boxing Day 2016:

After every Christmas Day in Australia, Boxing day is organized. Boxing Day is also known as Proclamation Day. It  is celebrated for commemorating the establishment of South Australia as a British province. On this day, every sport get featured. On this day, famous Sydney to Hobart yacht race get started. In Melbourne, Boxing Day Test Cricket match attracts more than 100,000 spectators.

New Year’s Day:

On 1st January every year, Australia celebrates New Year’s eve. In major cities of Australia, New year celebrations held by authorities in the shape of fireworks mainly. The major locations include Sydney Harbous, Perth Cup and Western Australia’s Premier. The main and famous part of the new year’s eve, is celebrations at Sullivans cove which is located at Hobart’s waterfront.

Happy Easter 2016:

Easter holidays considered as the most important break in Australia. Easter and school holidays occur around the same period. So students get off from schools towards their homes. Easter weekend is a great opportunity to held family events to bring everybody at the same event.

Happy Anzac Day 2016:

Anzac Day holds great importance due to military history. This day is celebrated to commemorates efforts of Australian and New Zealand armies in World War i. The events include memorials, marches and special parade for remembering the services of those soldiers who served with their lives. The most prominent events include memorial in Canberaa and the other one is Shrine of Remembrance which held in Melbourne.

Happy Labour day 2016:

Labour day occurs in every state but on different dates. States determine the Labour Day as per their choice. So it varies from state to state. This day has the importance to remember  the eight hour working of hard working laborers. Majority of people relax on this day. Some spend time with their closed ones by having BBQ. We can say, the choice is up to people what they want to do on this day.

Queen’s Birthday:

Surprisingly, Australia also does the preparations for the Queen’s birthday. The main reason for this celebration is that Australia is the member of Commonwealth Nations. Second Monday of June is considered for this event. The prime activity of this day is Football League game held at MCG. While in Western Australia, the date for this birthday is the last Monday of September or the first Monday of October.

State And Territory Public Holidays In Australia 2016:

Apart from National holidays, there are several State and Territory holidays which are as follow:

Australian Capital Territory Public Holidays 2016

  • Canberra Day: 14th March, Monday
  • Queen’s Birthday: 13th June, Monday
  • Family & Community Day: 26th September, Monday
  • Labour Day: 3rd October, Monday

New South Wales Public Holidays 2016 in Australia 

  • Queen’s Birthday: 13th June, Monday
  • Labour Day: 3rd October, Monday

Northern Territory Public Holidays 2016 in Australia 

  • Queen’s Birthday: 13th June, Monday
  • Picnic Day: 1st August, Monday
  • Borroloola Show Day: 24th June, Friday
  • Alice Springs Show Day: 1st Juley, Friday
  • Tennant Creek Show Day: 8th July Friday
  • Katherine Show Day: 15th July, Friday
  • Darwin Show Day: 22nd July, Friday

Queensland Public Holidays in Australia 2016

  • Labour Day: 2nd May, Monday
  • Royal Queensland Show: 10th August, Wednesday
  • Queen’s Birthday: 3rd October, Monday

South Australia Public Holidays 2016

  • Queen’s Birthday: 13th June, Monday
  • Labour Day: 3rd October, Monday
  • Christmas Day: 24th December, Saturday
  • New Year’s Day: 31st December, Sunday

Tasmania Public Holidays 2016 in Australia

  • Eight Hours Day: 14th March, Monday
  • Easter Tuesday: 29th March, Tuesday
  • Queen’s Birthday: 13th June, Monday
  • Following are the holidays which are observed in local areas of Tasmania:
  • Devonport Cup: 6th January, Wednesday
  • Royal Hobart Regatta: 8th February, Monday
  • Launceston Cup: 24th February, Wednesday
  • King Island Show: 1st March, Tuesday
  • AGFEST Circular Head: 6th May, Friday
  • Burnie Show: 30th September, Friday
  • Royal Launceston Show: 6th October, Thursday
  • Flinders Island Show: 14th October, Friday
  • Royal Hobart Show: 20th October, Thursday
  • Recreation Day Launceston: 7th November, Monday
  • Devonport Show: 25th November, Friday

Victoria Public holidays in Australia 2016

  • Labour Day: 14th March, Monday
  • Queen’s Birthday: 13th June, Monday
  • Melbourne Cup Day: 1st November, Tuesday

Western Australia Public Holidays 2016

  • Labour Day: 7th March, Monday
  • Western Australia Day: 6th June, Monday
  • Queen’s Birthday: 26th September, Monday

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