Western Australia is full of beautiful coastal towns. One such beautiful location of this region is Kalbarri. The scenic community  is located at a distance of 592 kilometers towards the north of the capital city, Perth. It is found at the mouth of the beautiful Murchison River. This town reaches up to an elevation of 6 meters (20 feet). Kalbarri is further connected by the way of public transport through Transwa coach services namely N1 and N2. A number of tourists are attracted to its magnificence as a result of its beautiful and serene views.

 History of Kalbarri:

The local Aboriginals of Australia inhabited Kalbarri for a period of thousand years. The first European people who visited this area were the crew of a trading ship that belonged to the Dutch East India Company. This area soon became very popular for activities like fishing and tourism by the 1940s. Finally, by the year 1948, the State Government declared this city as a townsite. The town was gazetted in the year 1951. Interestingly, the town Kalbarri got its name after an Aboriginal man having his roots in the Murchison tribe. This town has also been named after an edible seed having the same name.

 Major Attractions:

Kalbarri entertains a number of attractions for all the visitors and tourists. The holiday playground situated on the point where the Murchison River meets the Indian Ocean embraces some lovely coastlines, pretty soaring river gorges, protected swimming bays and various other attractions. The Kalbarri National Park just a drive away from this town is full of breath taking views. There are magnificent natural attractions, walking trails and what not. You can choose this place for hiking and strolling. You can spot the beautiful humpback whales from the towering cliffs of this town. The Canoe and Cray festival in the month of May and June is worth attending.

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