Is ANZAC Day 2016 a Public Holiday?

25th April is fixed for the special occasion of Anzac Day Public Holiday 2016. This day is the way of honoring and remembering the sacrifices made by Australian and New Zealand Armed Forces. In 1915, thousands of Anzac soldiers lost their precious lives at the premier battle of Gallipoli, Turkey.

Is ANZAC Day 2016 a Public Holiday?

Yes, it is a public holiday on April 25, 2016 ANZAC Day.

Anzac Public Holiday 2016 is not just a commemoration. It is the way to recognize the courage, bravery, and mateship of Anzac soldiers. This day shows honor and love for Anzacs, who fought for freedom of people, but unable to make it to their homeland. Australian and New Zealand Armed Forces showed their utmost desire to fight for freedom of people at Gallipoli!

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