Top 10 Of Pauline Hanson’s Greatest Achievements

Political Review – Pauline Hanson‘s Greatest Achievements

Pauline Hanson is Australia’s One Nation Party’s co-founder and top-tier leader, and she’s been well-known for her eccentricity. She is one of the most controversial politicians Australia has in this day and age. Her statements often irk certain groups of people, and she’s then held accountable for the words she uttered.

 Pauline does not give two hoots about the audience’s opinion, she says what she has to say – that too at the top of her lungs. She knows she has something important to impart with the world, and she makes sure she’s heard.

Hanson is a multi-dimensional personality, and we need to acknowledge it. Not just her career, her personal life also has a lot of interesting aspects which gotta be unfolded. She has achieved what many people are unable to achieve, and it proves she had what it usually takes to reach this far.

Top 10 Of Pauline Hanson's  Greatest Achievements

 Here’s a brief list of achievements she has bagged till date:

1. Hanson Was a Hard-Worker Since Her Childhood

Hanson was not born with a silver spoon in her mouth, like many of her contemporaries. She comes from an underprivileged family – a family that didn’t have enough to feed her sufficiently.

Before we judge her for her aggressiveness, we gotta find out what she’s been through in the early years of her life. Her family owned a fish and chips shop where Pauline and her siblings used to assist their parents. See, even when she was a child, she had to earn what she ate. Life wasn’t an easy journey to embark on, but she coped with the challenges and came out stronger.

2. Hanson Used To Be The Councillor Of The City of Ipswich Back in 1995

Hanson decided to join politics because she believed she’s a patriot, and her country needs more people like her to step in and steer things in the right direction. She joined politics in 1994 and got voted as the councillor of the City of Ipswich right after a year. In such a short period, she achieved this level leaving her opponents red in jealousy, but this is not where she wanted to stop because she had set more goals for herself.

3. Hanson won a parliamentary seat as an independent candidate after The Liberal Party ditched her

She initially joined The Liberal Party, but she and the top-tier leadership of her party had nothing in stock, and often she disobeyed her party line too, and that brought about resentment within the party. This is why she was disowned and forsaken. Even after the liberal party turned their back on her, she did not abandon her career and fished around for an alternate profession, she preferred to stick to her motives and continued her struggle.

When she won the election as an independent candidate, it was her moment in the sun. That was her time to boast in front of the party she was thrown out of. She showed them that she can do it with or without them.

4. Hanson Remained Concerned About The Job Opportunities Left For Locals Amid a Significant Number Of Immigrants Bursting into Australia

Some politicians become expedient thinking about the relations Australia has with other countries. Pauline, however, is one of those brave politicians who put their compatriots before every such thing. She’s been firmly against multiculturalism, not because she despises diversity. It’s because she wants her countrymen to get what they righteously deserve. 

She has always been opposed to a sea of immigrants bursting into Australia to get jobs and employment because she feared locals sitting jobless at home. 

She has also taken a stand against globalism. She advocated protectionism plainly because she leans towards whatever seems to benefit her countrymen the most. 

5. Hanson Pledged To Set Up a Government-Subsidized Bank That Could Lend Loans To Farmers And Aspiring Entrepreneurs

One of her most significant endeavors is her commitment to having a government-subsidized bank that would give the farmers handsome loans on merely 2% interest. It shows how much she cares about people with minimal resources to live their lives. Aspiring entrepreneurs willing to run their business on a small scale would also be given loans to turn their dreams into reality. 

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6. Hanson Launched ‘Pauline’s United Australia Party’ (PUAP)

Hanson did not shy away from coming up with her own manifesto if she forms a government in the future. She came up with a party that would adhere to her own ideology. 

7. She Co-Founded The One-Nation Party

She seems to be an unstoppable ideology that does not need a party to establish her own identity. After being dumped by the liberals, she continued her political journey with full zeal and ended up co-founding the party she currently represents. When she ran into David Oldfield, she felt she had met someone like-minded, and then they took it to the next level by convincing David Ettrige to join them.

8. Hanson De-Registered Her Party To Devote Herself To The One-Nation Party

At one point, she was so disappointed with the system that she wanted to de-register her PUAP and settle somewhere in the UK. Still, things took a turn for her when she came across David Oldfield and David Ettridge. All three of them are founders of the One-nation party that vehemently advocates protectionism and anti-immigration laws.

9. She’s a Strong, Independent Woman Who Never Let Her Personal Life Crisis Affect Her Professional Life

Not many people know that Pauline has had an interesting personal life. She ran from her home at the age of 15 to marry a guy she loved, that marriage didn’t go well, and they had to part ways. Even the second experience was a bitter one. Hanson got divorced twice, but she has never allowed her personal-life traumas to come in the way of her professional life.

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10. She Lost Federal Elections Plenty of Times But Never Gave Up

She narrowly lost elections many times, but she never pledged to bid farewell to politics. In fact, she tried to come out even stronger every next time, oh, and she doesn’t sweat over tiny pebbles in her shoe. 

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Top 10 Of Pauline Hanson's Greatest Achievements

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