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Online Marketing Find Out What You Need To Get More Sales & Leads Today!

The difference between e-marketing and traditional marketing

Traditional Marketing: is done through traditional methods of displaying the product for sale in shops and outlets of different companies, and advertising for it may be limited to television or printed ads through newspapers and magazines, as well as radio, or even through direct communication between the representative of the company and the consumer.

Digital Marketing: It means the process of promoting or buying and selling through Internet-based means, and there are many e-marketing channels, most notably promoting through various social networking sites (Facebook – Twitter – Instagram), search engines, online stores, e-mail, smartphones, and various sites and applications.

Some Online Marketing Tactics:

We all know that traditional methods in all fields are gradually fading and ending

And the future is heading to All things are digital and online

Now, through this useful article, you will know a lot about marketing through the Internet and what are the ways and tricks for this type of marketing, which is called digital marketing.

Online Marketing Find Out What You Need To Get More Sales & Leads.The Impact and Importance of These Methods

Applying these methods correctly and professionally, knowing the nature of the target environment, and knowing your customers well, will bring amazing results and big profits for your business in the short and long term and achieve customer satisfaction.

It is noticeable that marketing through the Internet has spread rapidly in recent years at all levels because of its great impact on the growth of business and the sale of products. As it helps greatly in attracting many customers and saving a lot of costs There are many opinions on how to use e-marketing methods and how to apply them, and these opinions differ according to the environment, where this type of marketing is applied, and also to which segment is this marketing targeted, let us clarify together some of the terms that appear before the start of work

One of These Terms:

The strategy: is a plan developed by the business owner to promote his products or services. In this plan, he will define the vision, mission, goals, and objectives to be reached, and will implement several tactics designed to get the job done as planned.

This stage is very important and requires the use of expertise and needs a careful study so that we can reach the business goals and achieve the greatest benefit.

Because any business, regardless of its goal or field, seeks in the first place to achieve the greatest benefit with the least resources and also achieve customer satisfaction.

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We will review some well-known online marketing methods and how your business can benefit from these methods. And also knowing that achieving these methods is not an easy thing, but it takes a lot of effort and time.

The Most Popular Online Marketing Tactics 

  1. Social media marketing:

The Most Popular Online Marketing Tactics It is known that Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social networks are becoming increasingly popular promotional methods. It can be used to bring in many customers, and in order for the audience to know your products and communicate with you easily. This method of marketing is characterized by its speed and ease as well.

  1. Article marketing:

In this second type of advertising, Institutions write some articles about the nature of the services they provide and an overview of their products, how to benefit from them and their quality, where institutions publish these articles on the Internet in order to be available to the public through their website or any other easily accessible means via the Internet. This method is characterised by high credibility, strengthening trust between customers and institutions, and consolidating the relationship between them

  1. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO):

This method is one of the most important marketing methods because it works to make your business appear at the forefront of search engines, and this is a very powerful way.

The meaning of your appearance first means that the audience knows you more, then more sales, and then a greater profit, and here you will achieve your business goal.

  1. Mobile Marketing:

The idea of ​​telemarketing is based on targeting potential customers through their smartphones and includes a very large percentage of customers because people spend a lot of their time using different mobile applications.

  1. Email marketing:

This type of marketing is not widely spread because it does not suit all segments, but it may be suitable for a specific segment such as businessmen or those who are at a higher scientific level than the public, Therefore, it targets a not large segment of the audience, but it may be suitable for some services and products that target this segment of customers, The mail for these customers can be obtained through registration or some direct methods.

  1. inbound marketing:

It is a strong marketing strategy based on the idea of ​​developing customer confidence in the company and enhancing profit by maintaining existing customers and also gaining more customers who use the Internet.

  1. Pay per click or pay per view advertising:

This method includes a wide range of options such as textual ads, Google ads, and others.

And the way this type of marketing works is to pay the advertiser when the advertisement appears to the customer and clicks on it

This is a very powerful tool and one of the first known marketing methods

  1. Referral marketing:

This type of marketing is very old and is known as commission marketing. This type includes advertising for your product in exchange for a commission charged by the advertiser or it may be a discount, often these Advertisers are the people who have a lot of followers on social networking sites

  1. Link building:

This type of marketing builds quality and relevant links from other websites to your own website. It works in parallel with search engine optimisation and will help your website to rank better in search engines and bring in more customers

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How to use Digital Marketing to Strengthen your Presence in the Market and Challenge your Competitors?

How to use Digital Marketing to Strengthen your Presence in the Market and Challenge your Competitors?In the old days, the competition between large businesses and small businesses is very difficult because the most influential factor in advertising or the success of any project was the amount of capital and support with large funds in that. Therefore, the competition in the past was almost certainly settled for the owners of large projects who have all this money, but now the standards have changed. Marketing in the digital world, it has become possible to go to other ways that bring in many customers, such as the different types of marketing that we mentioned earlier, this made it equal opportunities.

One of the most important advantages of digital marketing is: the ease of communication between the customer and the organisation, the ease of access to customers, and continuous communication without appointments Institutions must have a strong presence in the market and use their own slogans to remain stuck in the minds of customers and create mutual trust between customers

So, business owners should use their expertise and do a lot of studies to understand the market and the requirements of the customers and work to achieve them and to understand what the market requires.

Analysing Competitors in Digital Marketing

Competitive analysis: is a strategy that involves researching competitors, so as to gain an accurate view of their products, sales, and marketing methods.

Implementing stronger business strategies, and capturing market share are just a few of the benefits of conducting a competitive market analysis.

  • Competitive analysis can also help you learn the ins and outs of how your competitors operate and identify potential opportunities where you can outpace them.
  • Plus, it enables you to stay ahead of industry trends and ensure that your product consistently meets and exceeds industry standards.

Benefits of Competitor Analysis

  • Benefits of Competitor AnalysisDetermine your product’s unique value proposition, and what makes your product different from its competitors.
  • It enables you to determine what your competitor is doing right. This information is necessary to stay relevant, as well as to ensure that both your product and marketing campaigns are above industry standards.
  • It tells you where your competition is weak, helping you identify areas of opportunity in the market, and test new and unique marketing strategies that they haven’t taken advantage of.
  • You can learn from customer reviews what is missing in a competitor’s product, and think about how you can add features to your own product to meet those needs. It provides you with a benchmark against which you can measure the growth of your business.

Here are Some Important Tips that Will Help you build Credibility with Your Customers:

  • Own your name as a domain in this way that strengthens your business.
  • Create a website or blog in a professional and simple way to tell your customers everything about your products or services in a simple way, and this makes them browse your site constantly.
  • Create accounts on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram in order to be able to reach the various segments.
  • Publish your products on digital stores such as Amazon and others to reach more customers.
  • It is possible to create a YouTube channel and share your services and products via video.
  • Also, try to connect anything that is not digital to the Internet. If you have a store or shop, you must link its location to Google Maps for easy access to them by customers.
  • Finally, you must communicate immediately with customers, respond to their messages, and deliver services and products to them very quickly and with all credibility.

Use Article Marketing to Promote your Business, Whether it’s Products or Services

The diversity of marketing methods is very important and greatly beneficial to the market. There are expensive methods and there are others that are inexpensive. The business owner must choose the appropriate method for business and marketing through articles is a very excellent and effective method. Marketing by writing articles and publishing them, whether on your business website or on social media, builds great credibility with customers and also provides them with information about your products and services in a large way.

But this aspect of writing requires great knowledge of products and services and describing them in an interesting, easy and accurate way that makes the reader (the customer) excited to buy the products, and also the benefits that will accrue to the customers after choosing these products must be explained. It is also important that these articles fit the search engines so that they appear on the first pages on The Internet and the chances of its appearance are great and effective

There are Some Ways to Follow if you Choose this Type of Marketing (article marketing):

  • First is to choose an interesting and easy topic.
  • Second, write the article in an easy and accurate way that explains what your products are and their importance to the customer.
  • Thirdly, know the optimisation of search engines and their conditions in order to reach the largest number of customers.
  • Fourth, try to know the opinions and suggestions of your customers
  • Fifth, try to communicate with your customers and respond to their comments immediately

Choose an Interesting and Easy Topic

We also took a quick overview of this aspect, so the selection of the topic must be carefully considered, so the use of an easy language that suits the nature of the market in which it will be presented and the nature of the target segment of customers must be taken into account, determining the goal of the article and covering all aspects to be clarified and achieving the desired goal of creating this topic

Therefore, these matters must be taken into account well so that the customer feels trust and loyalty to your products, knows what the market needs well, and meets all the needs of the market and the customer in order to establish your brand in the minds of customers.

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Researching, Outlining, and Writing:

Researching, Outlining, and Writing:One of the most important points is to study the market well, do research, know the conditions and variables, use experiences, and hear opinions. Learn from the experiences of your competitors and study the reasons for their success and failure All of this helps you in writing articles greatly, makes it easier for you to anticipate your market, and reduces risk and loss rates.

In writing your article, some things must be taken into account, such as focusing on the parts that pertain to customers and not over-explaining, that pertain to customers and not over-explaining choosing words that suit customers, writing in an understandable and clear line, not mentioning terms that carry more than one meaning and choosing an appropriate conclusion that makes customers search for you and communicate with you.

The article must not be contrary to the customs and traditions of the society in which it will be published and appropriate to the nature of their lives

And that there are methods of communication at the end, and that the customer feels that the main goal of the article is to provide value to him

Submitting Your Article:

And now the last stage has come, which is to publish your article to the public, and this is a very important step. This is done by submitting it through your own website or on Facebook, Twitter, or other pages, or it can be presented through an advertiser in exchange for a commission, due to a large number of their followers.

All of these are ways to present your article, but if you publish it on your own website, you must know the methods of optimising search engines and understand the details so that your article reaches the largest possible number of customers on the first pages.

Here Are Some Ways to Start Building Links Effectively:

– First, creating those links yourself, and this requires good knowledge of this aspect and knowledge of all the details, and you should not rush and give the matter time and effort

– There are many ways to build these links in the event that you do not have the knowledge, by appointing people or institutions specialised in the matter in exchange for a sum of money.

Finally, you must keep pace with the time you live and know all the developments on a daily basis so that you can keep up in this accelerating time so that you can continue to compete

We’ll See How Pay-Per-Click Advertising Can Benefit YourBusiness in a Practical Way!

Pay-per-click (PPC) is one of the oldest known marketing methods

It is a paid advertising method used to target consumers and direct traffic to websites, products, and services. Advertisers who have accounts or websites with a great reputation and who have many followers are selected, and a percentage is determined for them when the public enters these links and clicks on them.

How Does This Method Work Effectively?

How Does This Method Work Effectively?– Advertisers (business owners) bid on important keywords and terms related to customers and the desired market.

– Publishers (owners of the sites that will be published on) display these ads on their websites with the agreed specifications. And when this method is used correctly, it can help you to reach a large profit in a very quick time, compared to other methods that require a lot of time and effort.

So, there are very many ways of marketing, some of them are expensive and some of them are economical, and some of them you can do yourself, and some of them you will appoint a person or a specialised institution to do advertising for your products and services, and each method has disadvantages and advantages different from others, but the pay-per-click is one of the most important and fastest marketing methods

There are Some Points to be Achieved if you use the Pay-per-click Marketing Method:

-The content must be relevant

– Choosing the most appropriate and correct keywords

– Follow up on the campaign and know the latest developments

Interact with the public and hear complaints, opinions, and suggestions

Knowing strengths and weaknesses and working on them

It becomes clear that the goal of this type of advertising is to build a strong relationship with customers, their knowledge of your business, the products and services that you provide, and the customers’ sense of loyalty to you and your business.

One of the most important ways for this type of advertisement to succeed is to choose the most appropriate keywords because when customers search for a specific product via the Internet, they search through these keywords, so the most appropriate choice of those words enables you to appear quickly and appear on the first pages, and then increase sales and increase your business.

Marketing Through Social Networks and its Impact on your Business

Social media has now become a large part of our daily life, as it is now not limited to a certain age, social or cultural level, Therefore, business owners should make good use of social networking sites due to a large audience present on them and spreading awareness of their brand Facebook is the most famous of these sites, so it should be targeted heavily and advertising campaigns should be conducted on it due to a large number of customers on it, There are more than 5.5 billion people who have mobile phones and almost own Facebook. This statistic shows the extent of Facebook’s impact and its importance in your business.

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Benefits of Facebook Marketing for Business:

  • Targets a very large segment of customers: This can be done by using Facebook Business Manager and selecting the segment you want to target based on the factors you specify.

For example, you can create an advertising campaign targeting a specific segment of customers by age, gender, location as well as interests.

  • Retargeting customers: Facebook Marketing enables you to retarget customers who have not completed their buying journey or who have previously interacted with your business on the internet.
  • Achieving your business goals: Whatever those goals are, you can set the goals for those campaigns. This is because Facebook has a wide range of goals whether it is related to increasing brand awareness, attracting leads, bringing traffic to your website, increasing sales, converting, etc.
  • Customer interaction with your business: Facebook gives customers the ability to interact with your business on the Internet, which increases their loyalty and confidence in your brand. This is done by publishing interactive content, running contests, and publishing news related to your business to create a distinctive experience between you and your customers and live with them, which in turn contributes to increasing positive reviews and comments on your business and thus enhancing the confidence of new customers in your brand, dealing with you, making repeat purchases, and consequently increasing profits.

How can you Start Professional Digital Marketing!

Learn how to:
  • Build a professionally strong and effective marketing strategy.
  • conduct an analysis of competitors to identify their strengths and weaknesses and use them to develop your business.
  • apply traditional marketing theories through e-marketing tools.
  • create social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, YouTube) professionally.
  • professionally manage social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, YouTube) and make the most of them serve your business.
  • create extensive advertising campaigns to attract customers, increase brand awareness, and increase conversion rates for maximum return on investment.
  • Find out how to optimise ads with Google AdWords.

What is Email Marketing!

Email marketing is a strategy through which you reach a large group of customers through email to promote your products or services.

The main idea is to create brand awareness and also build loyalty and trust by communicating with customers via email directly.

Some Advantages of Email Marketing:

  • Email is more effective in acquiring new customers than Facebook or Twitter.
  • Transactions from email are more profitable than those made on social media

How to Make Money from Email Marketing:

  • Sell ​​a product or service: Find a physical or digital product or service to sell
  • Sell ​​other people’s products: You can be an affiliate for the products or services of other businesses. As an affiliate, you get commissions from the businesses you create for the company.
  • Web Notification Integration: Send a web notification to your subscribers to notify them and direct them to your website, you can let your email subscribers know that they’ll receive more great content when they sign up for web notifications.

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The Most Famous Email Marketing Companies:

  • Mailchamp: is easy to use and offers many attractive templates
  • BenchMark: offers you a free email creation and sending service
  • ActiveCampaign: is easy to use and offers premium free templates.

Internet Marketing Success Factors:

  • Define your customers and market with great accuracy

Internet Marketing Success Factors:Is the customer male or female?

Works outside the home or at home?

Net household income for that client?

Defining your customer is just as important as choosing your products. It is one of the most important factors of Internet marketing success that you should focus on.

  • Know your competitors well:

You should know your competitors, especially their strengths and weaknesses

  • Create a professional website and constantly work on improving it:

Your website should clearly reflect the values ​​and goals of your company and provide appropriate answers to any new customer that helps them make smooth, easy, and fast decisions.

Some Risks of Internet Marketing

  • Online customers may have a sudden power outage or an internet connection during the purchase process
  • Sometimes some digital stores are slow while processing purchase orders, and this may cause the risk of entering credit card data so that the purchase process does not fail.
  • Buying services and goods directly from individuals involves problems and fear of scams, as the Internet is full of scammers and thieves.
  • Fear of credit card data theft by cybercriminals and unethical hackers
  • Registering bank data on fake pages that impersonate the recipe of the original online stores

There are Some Key Advantages of Internet Marketing:

  • Speed ​​of service and convenience for both parties

Purchasing goods from anywhere in the world has become easier than ever before, with the click of a button, the consumer can buy what he wants from the products with ease.

  • Low cost, big profit

The low cost compared to other traditional marketing methods such as advertisements in newspapers or radio and others, as well as the great profit as a result of this savings

  • Interact with the public in a large way and know the performance indicators

Interact more quickly and effectively with your audience and get their immediate feedback on your services and products, with the ability to respond quickly to solve their problems and answer their various questions; Giving you more trust and loyalty on the part of consumers.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Digital Marketing and Traditional Marketing, which is better? 

  • Digital marketing is clearly superior to traditional marketing; As it is less expensive and easier to reach large numbers of customers in different regions of the world, where the geographical dimension does not affect it in any way, and it is more able to communicate and explain the advantages of the product or service advertised through written texts, attractive images, and video clips.
  • It also facilitates the repetition of marketing messages through digital channels, which helps to remain in the mind of the consumer as much as possible.
  • On the other hand, traditional marketing requires exorbitant amounts and hard effort to reach customers, and it is difficult to achieve selectivity or deliver the advertising message to a particular category, in addition to the difficulty of repeating the message at frequent intervals due to the cost.
  • But in fact, there is a very important point when comparing digital marketing and traditional marketing, which is credibility. Where many consumers still consider traditional marketing more credible than digital marketing, due to the difficulty of verifying what came in the e-mail advertisement until after trying the product, because most of it is purchased remotely.

The Conclusion – Practice of Leveraging Web-Based Channels

Customers these days tend to know the products they need or services from the Internet, and this phenomenon has increased even more after the spread of the Corona epidemic and the tendency of the population to stay in their homes and avoid going to the markets to avoid crowding.

The importance of digital marketing for your business, regardless of its type and size, lies in the fact that consumers are always connected to the Internet 24 hours a day, seven days a week thanks to the spread of smartphones. The queue and these are statistics that show you the importance of digital marketing:

The average consumer is exposed to more than ten thousand advertising messages daily. More than90% of customers judge you through your site. If you are not satisfied with your site. More than95% of Internet users are searching for a product or service that may be your products or services. 90% of sales start with a search for services and products online.90% of customers trust reviews that other customers have put on a product they want to buy.

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There are Frequently Asked Questions about Digital Marketing:

  • Will my company benefit from digital marketing?
  • Yes, of course, and if you have not already started replacing traditional marketing efforts with effective digital marketing, your business will not thrive and it will be like setting up a store or company in ant holes without anyone knowing about you or what you are doing, and perhaps the Corona crisis is the best motive to go for digital marketing and presence on the Internet.
  • What is the role of the website in digital marketing?
  • Your website is the magazine in which you tell the visitor everything about you, and if the site is not updated, renewed, or designed to keep pace with global trends and suit your business, users will not interact with it and therefore they will compare between you and your competitors through the site alone
  • Should I buy ready-made email lists for digital marketing?
  • Please no, the purchased email lists are spam and spam, you can build your own audience by paying people to register on your site and your mailing list, and thus you are not only protecting the company’s reputation but also using an effective digital marketing method correctly and spending your money in it with confidence.


Digital marketing is a unique way today for the prosperity of your business or its loss, absence, and death, and in order for your voice to remain heard in the digital space, you have to create an excellent website, then start developing a strategy for the rest of the digital marketing platforms and evaluate performance periodically to learn what has been achieved and what has not been achieved and what You want to focus on it.

How can I do online marketing?

Build a user-friendly website. Optimize your site for search engines. Convert visitors into customers with email marketing and opt-in newsletters. Write online press releases. Create a blog. Run social media contests and campaigns. Invest in Pay-per-Click Advertising. Optimize your site for conversions.

What is online marketing explain with examples?

Marketing through digital means refers to the use of the internet, electronic devices, and digital technologies to promote a product, business, person, or service. Examples of digital marketing include social media, email, pay-per-click (PPC), search engine optimization (SEO), and mobile marketing.

Which online marketing is best?

There are several effective types of digital marketing you can use for your business. Here are a few suggestions: Content Marketing. ... Search Engine Optimisation. ... Search Engine Marketing/Pay-per-Click. ... Social Media Marketing. ... Affiliate Marketing. ... Influencer Marketing.

What are the benefits of online marketing?

Marketing On The Internet Is Inexpensive. Marketing On The Internet Provides Convenient Store Hours. Marketing On The Internet provides a Case-by-Case Customised Approach to Marketing. Marketing On The Internet Provides a Business Building Experience.

Why is online marketing Important?

In terms of importance, online marketing helps you drive more qualified traffic. You reach more leads who are interested in your business. The option to target specific leads makes it easier to drive traffic to your website that is interested in your business.

How can I start digital marketing?

Learn about the basics of digital marketing. Create your own website. Become an SEO expert. Become an expert in Google Adwords. Master Facebook Ads. Become an expert in Google Analytics. Get a job as a digital marketer consultant. Take an internship course.

How can I succeed in online marketing?

Establish Your Niche. Create an Internet Marketing Plan.Identify Your Competitors. Create a Professional Website. Use Internet Marketing. Use Social Media. Monitor and Analyze Web Data. Create a Systemized Approach.

Online Marketing – Get Potential Consumers via Digital Strategies.

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