Advantages Of Using Cloud Storage In Australia

According to a recent study by Delloite, the cumulative productivity of Australian businesses improved for over 95% of them. A whopping $9.4 billion estimated productivity in previous years- a contribution with the magnitude equal to total IT spend of the government in 2016-2017. Cloud storage works in the manner of storing and using data. Data is the centre of the digitized economy- its omnipresent, valuable and plethora. Cloud service providers in Australia are focusing on providing efficient ways of data security through cloud services.

But What Exactly Is Cloud Storage?

In layman terms, cloud storage is a third-party service given by cloud service providers where they store and manage your data. Instead of keeping everything in the pen and paper format (where chances of data being tampered with or lost are higher) cloud storage helps you save data on a cloud that can be accessed anytime over the internet.

Cloud service providers in Australia have been providing such services to various small to big enterprises. The top sector still being the IT, media and telco (64%) in Australia.

Why Should One Utilize Cloud Storage?

Cloud services have emerged as a driving force in many Australian businesses in the past five years. Here are the reasons why cloud storage is beneficial.

  • Significant Opportunity In Australia

Australia is still at the stage of beginning its cloud journey. The businesses that take control today would be years ahead of their competitors. In the coming years, there is greater scope for both the share and sophistication of using cloud services. Businesses of various domains and sizes can use this as there are multiple subscriptions that cloud service providers in Australia have for them.

  • Changing Business Models

The most likely use of cloud service is for software applications and data storage which are expandable according to business models. Other reasons for cloud storage can be CRM (customer relationship management), invoicing/marketing, and storage. These have resulted in streamlined processes and consolidated capital infrastructure. Moreover, cloud storage is dynamic which means beneficial for every type of organization- government, private or hybrid.

  • Foundational Technology For All Things Future

If you think two decades ahead, there will be technologies higher and better than the current ones. Cloud storage is the first wave for any organization to drive into the tide to win. Future technologies like the Internet Of Things, blockchain, robotics, etc. are highly dependent on the capabilities of cloud storage. As the technology evolves, cloud technology will also innovate leading to an impact on the economy in Australia.

  • Promotes Dynamic Way Of Working

As cloud services expand, they allow businesses to be agile and scalable. With the aid of cloud storage, not only are organizations saving costs but are also optimising resources. This dynamism of working has resulted in various companies using cloud storage in their ways. The cost of having a cloud service varies by volume and frequency. This gives higher flexibility to every kind of enterprise in their operational expenses and scaling in a limited capacity.


Cloud storage is beneficial in varied ways and will be a boon if used at the right time and in the correct way. Cloud service providers in Australia are aware of this current system and situation. With the current market growing at a faster pace and technological advancements, every business must look out for what is best for them. In this process, cloud technology can be useful and thus, a good investment.

Kelly Wilson
Kelly Wilson
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