The Ultimate Guide To Creating Your First Gig On Fiverr

On Fiverr, you can find pretty much every service conceivable, from graphic design to web development, individualized relationship advice to amusing birthday movies. Workers on Fiverr, unlike other freelancing platforms, publish their services for clients to explore and buy; these are referred to as “gigs.”

Fiverr is free to join and post gigs, so whether you’re currently a freelancer trying to expand out to other platforms, a creative individual looking for some extra cash, or you’re simply thinking about quitting your job, it’s worth a look.

How to sell on Fiverr?

Do you need a job? Fiverr is a good resource. You may post your gig along with descriptions and obtain the tasks you’re looking for. It’s not easy, but it’s quite beneficial in getting the job. Here is a step-by-step guide to getting started on Fiverr’s selling platform. There are various methods to make money with your writing, but for the sake of this post, we’ll look at Fiverr as a monetary source of revenue, how it works, and how to get started.

Step 1: Create an account

Before you can post your first gig, you must first create an account. You may sign up with your Facebook account, Google account, or email address. After deciding how you want to make an account, you must choose a username and either create a password or give an email address. Simply go to your email, activate it, and proceed to fill up your profile after you’ve created your account.

Step 2: set up your profile

Most buyers will initially look at your profile before paying for one of your gigs. Fiverr will ask you to provide a photo and a lot of important information on your profile, allowing potential buyers to learn more about you. Make certain that your profile meets all of the following criteria:

  • Include a professional-looking snapshot of your genuine face as your profile picture. This can assist guarantee that potential purchasers believe you are a real person, as well as make your profile look more professional.
  • The Fiverr profile description should be used to introduce yourself to potential purchasers. Keep it relevant by including your areas of expertise, experiences, or anything else you believe is pertinent.
  • Make it clear which languages you speak and how fluent you are in them; this is especially crucial if your job requires you to write or translate.
  • The tests you’ve completed on Fiverr will be displayed in the tests area of your profile. Tests can help a potential buyer trust you by validating your talents. Just keep in mind that you may only take a test once every three months; however, if you perform poorly, Fiverr allows you to hide your test scores.
  • Include any related abilities to the gigs you want to develop here. Skills you’ve acquired from past work, hobbies, or other life experiences are examples. Only ten are allowed on Fiverr, so pick wisely.
  • Include where you attended college and what degrees you earned.

Step 3: start a new gig

After you’ve completed your profile, you may start working on your first assignment! To do so, go to the “Selling” menu at the top of the screen and select “Gigs” from the drop-down menu. To begin the procedure, simply click the “Create New Gig” button on this page.

Step 4: write your gig overview

The Gig Overview is the first section you’ll need to complete. You’ll be asked to fill out three boxes here:

  1. The name of your performance
  2. The category of the product or service you are going to offer
  3. Tags for searching that are relevant

Do not scrimp on this step. To develop an engaging summary that will captivate a new customer, keep the following in mind:

  • Gig Title: You only have 80 characters, so make them count, and make sure they’re clear and succinct; you want your prospective purchasers to understand precisely what you’re selling. Also, keep the title sufficiently creative so that it stands out from the throng.
  • Fiverr will automatically recommend a few categories and subcategories based on your title, and one of them will usually match your offering. However, if none of them are suitable, you may select from a profusion of possibilities from their dropdown menu. Find the category and subcategory that are most appropriate for your employment.
  • Search Tags: Enter the phrases you expect a buyer will seek while looking for your service. You’re only allowed five words, so use them wisely. These may vary widely based on what you’re giving, so conducting some research into the most frequently searched phrases in your industry might be really beneficial.

When finished, click the huge green “Save and Continue” button in the bottom right corner of the screen to go on to the next stage.

Step 5: the price of your gig

Since Fiverr’s start, the pricing of your gigs has grown significantly. Sellers can presently offer up to three distinct bundles on the platform:


There are a few things to bear in mind while filling out the scope and cost section:

  • Number of Packages: You are not required to utilize all three packages, but many consumers like additional premium choices, so include them when possible. Furthermore, according to Fiverr, individuals that provide triple gig bundles can make up to 64% more each purchase.
  • Your Package’s Name: Choose an eye-catching title for each of your bundles, and make sure the distinction between them is evident.
  • Package Contents: Explain briefly what is contained in each bundle and why you included it. Because you’re only given 100 characters, you may have to get inventive to communicate what you want to say. Just make sure that any potential purchasers understand what you’re giving.
  • Delivery Time: The amount of time it will take to execute a job. This may vary substantially amongst packages depending on the nature of the task.
  • Revisions: The number of times you will change your work in response to a buyer’s request. Additional revisions are frequently included in premium packages.
  • Price: Prices for each bundle range from USD 5 to USD 995. Your basic bundle should always be the cheapest, and your premium package should always be the most expensive. Remember that you may always modify your pricing later, so it may be best to keep them low at first to assist develop reviews.
  • My Gig Extras: In this section, you may charge extra fees for whatever extras you want to include in your packages. Extras such as extra rapid delivery and more revisions are often requested extras that may be selected from a menu. If an addition you want to offer isn’t accessible, Fiverr makes it simple to develop your own. Simply click the “+ Add Gig Extra” button at the bottom of “My Gig Extras” and enter a title, description, and price.
  • Shipping: Enter a shipping price if you’re sending real goods and need recompense. You have the option of selecting several pricing based on your location.

Step 6: give your gig a description and FAQ

One of the most important aspects of developing a job that will earn you clients, along with your title, is the description.

In this area, you’ll be requested to go into great detail about your offer. As a result, the description is limited to 120 characters minimum and 1200 characters maximum. Don’t leave any crucial information out, because the information you present should allow your customers to determine whether or not what you’re selling will suit their needs.

Being overly ambiguous may result in dissatisfied customers and poor comments, jeopardizing future possibilities on this platform.

After you’ve finished your description, the commonly asked questions (FAQ) will appear. Provide responses to the questions you expect to be asked about your gig in this area. Because you may not know what many of your FAQs will be until after your job has been active for a while, this will most likely need to be amended later. To add as many FAQs as you need, click the “+ Add FAQ” button.

Step 7: establish your gig requirements

This is where you’ll list any conditions that your customer will need to meet for you to finish the project. You’re offered three options for requesting this information, including:

  • Free Text: You put your needs in free text, and the buyer is supposed to respond with a text message answer (e.g. dimensions, weight, essay topic).
  • Various Answer: With this option, you can pose a question and provide multiple answer options for your buyer to pick from. You must select at least two answers, but you can add more by selecting the “+ Add Optional Answer” option.
  • Attached File: Select this option if you require a file from your buyer to finish your task. In the description window, define what this file should include, and your buyer will be requested to submit it after purchase.

By selecting the “+ Add Another Requirement” box that appears after submitting your first, you may add as many needs as you need. You should uncheck the “Answer is Mandatory” box if the answer to a condition is optional.

Step 8: add a gallery to your gig

When deciding on the different file types for your gallery, keep the following in mind:

  • Gig Photos: Most postings will include a photo of the service being offered, especially if it’s a graphic or web design gig. Include a photo even if the employment is difficult to capture, such as a writing gig. Simply select something related to the position, even if it isn’t a work sample. Fiverr allows you to drag and drop up to three photographs into your gallery. Ensure that your photographs are free of plagiarism; else, your gig may be rejected.
  • Gig Videos: Adding a gig video is optional for all gigs except those in the animation and video categories, however, they can be useful. According to Fiverr, gigs that contain a video generate up to 200 percent more orders and have a 40% greater level of user interaction. Videos can’t be longer than 75 seconds and can’t feature personal information.
  • Gig PDFs: These should only be used when more explanation is required, and the ideal format for this is a PDF. This choice is usually designated for writers and other professionals whose work samples are most likely in PDF text format. Each gallery on Fiverr can have two PDFs connected to it.

Step 9: publish your gig

This is the last – and by far the shortest – stage in the process of putting together your gig. It’ll go online as soon as you click the “Publish Gig” button. Once your concert is online, simply click the supplied link to advertise it on a social site like Facebook or Twitter. Gigs marketed on social media are up to three times more likely to sell, according to Fiverr, so it’s a good idea to think about it.

Rank your gig

It’s not enough to create a Fiverr gig. You must make your gig known to the public. In a market, for example, you may have a hundred stores. Which route will you choose first? Maybe the first one, at most the 50th. As a result, the chances of selling the 100th shop are nearly nil or minimal. But keep in mind that if the 100th shop is good, it might as well be the first for everyone.

However, the 100th store must compete for customers at first. As a result, you must position your employment towards the top of the search results when someone puts the term into the search box. As a result, attempt to be more focused on your gig description and include SEO keywords.

Receive orders

Your chances of acquiring a job are at their best if your gig is final and ranked. Clients will attempt to contact you about their projects to resolve the problem. It will be excellent if you feel you are capable of doing the work. Clients will occasionally place an order, submit the requirements, and expect the project to be completed within the time range stated. As a result, you must be well familiar with this method.

Fulfill and deliver

If you have received an order from the purchasers, you must accomplish the assignment within the specified time frame. If you’ve finished the task, you may deliver it to the customer using the delivery option. You can email it in the inbox, but to be secure, you should submit the content using the delivery option.

Earn money

If you provide the customer with high-quality work, he may be impressed and release the cash right away. You will get the money and must wait 15 days for it to be credited to your account. Perhaps the client will give you feedback on your work, or perhaps not.

Fiverr pros and cons

Every platform has advantages and disadvantages, and Fiverr is no exception. Here are a few of my observations on the ups and downs.


  • You won’t have to look for a job because it will come to you.
  • You have more control over the type of job you undertake when you set up your own engagements.
  • You are in charge of your own price.
  • The website is simple to navigate and utilize.
  • The software is functional and features a simple user interface.
  • The tiered approach allows you to work your way up the seller’s ladder.
  • Following the clearing of funds for withdrawal, payment is made quickly.
  • Clients can provide you Word or Google Docs, whatever you want. I use Google Docs to reduce the number of papers I receive from customers, but I occasionally have to educate them on how to use them or how to deal with the comments I leave for them.
  • You may mark oneself “out of office” for a set length of time, which I have done on several occasions. I had to execute an order that had been placed while I was away from the office. Most clients will respect your out-of-office status and will send you a note asking you to contact them when you return.


  • It might be difficult to get started until you have a few reviews.
  • Fiverr will “ding” you if you don’t respond to messages quickly enough or if you cancel orders.
  • You must be accessible to fulfill orders as they arrive.
  • Not everyone will message you before placing an order, and the order they place may not be to your liking.
  • Before you can withdraw your earnings, you must wait for them to clear. As you go through the tiers, it becomes faster.
  • Fiverr gets a cut. (For instance, on a $20.00 order, you will receive $16.00.)

Getting the most out of your gigs

After you’ve made your first Fiverr gig, the following step is the most difficult: finding a client. Most purchasers on this (or any) site want to read reviews so they can assess the quality of your work. You’ll have nothing to display except the few examples you’ve added to your gallery when you first start.

As a result, it’s generally a smart idea to keep your costs low while you’re first starting out to attract more clients, and then raise them once you’ve established yourself. For your gigs, you should also look at search engine optimization (SEO), which is a terrific way to drive organic traffic. Another effective strategy is to utilize your profile to promote yourself as a brand, which will help you become a known force to individuals who frequent Fiverr.

What’s the greatest approach for you to start your Fiverr business? On Fiverr, you may buy someone else’s in a gig. It will only cost you $5, and you can use it to purchase whatever you require — the two greatest possibilities are a Fiverr picture gig to make your gig seem professional and someone to proofread your gig content. When you buy a Fiverr gig, you not only appear more professional and attract more clients from Fiverr, but you also fully grasp the process – how someone looks at thumbnail photos to decide which jobs to attempt, how the pricing is shown, and even how the ordering procedure works. This ensures that your Fiverr gig is the best it can be since you made it appealing to your clients while also making the process of purchasing a job straightforward.

Final advice

Maintain a professional demeanor at all times. Always be nice and friendly. Be firm since many clients may want additional work beyond what was agreed upon — this is an excellent moment to provide an additional “special order” for them, even if it’s only $5 or $10; at the very least, you earn something for the extra effort. Please respond to your messages as soon as possible. Turn in your orders before the deadline. You can request extra time for an order, but the client must approve the request.

Provide add-on services. Keep the order within the parameters of what was requested, but also be helpful with follow-up. Offer add-ons that can help you increase your earnings and deliver additional value to your customers. Don’t undervalue yourself for too long. There is a trade-off between being overwhelmed with low-paying orders and charging a higher price but receiving fewer orders. As your ratings improve, so should your rates, until you’re charging enough to make it worthwhile to work for you. Don’t overwork yourself.

Keep an eye out for fraudsters; there appeared to be a lot of them when I first started, but Fiverr frequently catches them for you. You are not required to react to spam mails. If you have a problem, please contact support. They have always been really helpful and thorough whenever I have had a query or need assistance.

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