How To Organize Your Company’s Physical and Virtual Assets

When it comes to keeping your company’s inventory, whether it’s digital or physical, effective management systems have been proven to be on your side as a business owner. Mismanaging assets can cost a fortune, but inventory management systems can help you keep a close eye on your company’s assets as well as helping to prevent the loss of thousands if not millions of dollars in misplaced items. One of the key components of many successful and helpful management systems is their stellar event-driven architecture. If you have no idea what this means, let’s dive right into it.

Event-Driven Apps


So, what is event driven architecture? This type of architecture is a software design pattern that allows businesses to detect important moments and execute actions for them. These key moments are called events and can be things like transactions and site visits. When the system detects this, it will send out a response that logs or monitors the event as well. Applications such as the ones developed by TIBCO can help businesses gather, distribute, and process events from different sources so that you can always identify what’s important within your organization.

Some of TIBCO’s applications can be of use to keep your business’s assets in check. For instance, their Business Events application can help your systems interact in real time with internal and external sources to collaborate and create environments for your clients and process events in comprehensive frameworks. They allow your business to track and trace the life cycles of your assets as well as identifying missing events, creating conditional rules, and computing parameter values.

Storage Units


If you have physical assets, you may benefit from renting a space to keep them safe from harm with US Storage Units. They offer the best and most competitive prices based on size and location. Among their services, they offer storage for vehicles, boats, RVs, businesses, and students. US Storage Units is available in every state and doesn’t require credit cards or fees to reserve your unit. Their facilities are equipped with climate-controlled settings to keep your documents, electric equipment, and office supplies in a safe environment. Moreover, they are accessible 24/7, so you never have to worry about having your assets kept from you. And if that wasn’t enough, they even have wine storage units to accommodate wine collectors, enthusiasts, or businesses in any state.

US Storage Units also have drive-up units available, so you don’t have to enter a building in order to access your assets. This makes it perfect for any company that’s looking to have complete autonomy over its belongings. In order to rent any of their facilities, you will need to have a method of payment, your preferred state, and updated contact information so they can contact you. You will also need to determine the size of the unit you want to rent and your move-in date so they can help set you up with the best options they have. To be of more convenience, they allow their customers to rent a unit from anywhere around the world as long as they comply with the previously mentioned requirements. To complement that remote comfort, you will be able to pay your monthly rent through online portals so you can live your life at your own pace.

Feel free to keep these ideas in mind when looking for better ways to manage and organize your company’s physical and digital assets. They each have their advantages and can work with just about any type of business, whether you’re only getting started or are already on your way to making your first million dollars.

Aki Zhang
Aki Zhang
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