A Guide To The Best POS Systems In Australia

Whether for small businesses or in retail or some other venture, there are numerous POS systems that can assist you with your finances. These POS systems will keep track of how much inventory is left, which items are the most popular, and more. If you want to start a new business or improve your current one, there are a lot of alternatives when it comes to retail self-service kiosk solutions, which makes choosing one even more challenging because they all have their own set of benefits. The most acceptable cloud-based retail POS systems accessible for users in the Australian market will be listed and analyzed in this article.

Top Cloud-based POS Systems Australia

Some of the top cloud based POS systems Australia include one of the following:


BePOS was inspired and created by Australia’s greatest technology developers, who understand the particular demands and needs that Australian users have in the local market.

BePOS is the world’s first mobile Point of Sale 4.0, thanks to the management experience of thousands of successful business owners. It is popular in Australia, North America, and Asia. Merchants profit from the ecosystem that combines BePOS as well as other products like mPOS (payment), VIMO (mobile wallet), and Shipchung (logistics). These are all integrated to create a streamlined user experience. The Internet of Things, Big Data, Cloud Computing, Face Detection, and other 4.0 technologies are incorporated into this most powerful POS System, which not many POS systems in Australia can offer.


Hike is an Australian firm that focuses solely on providing point-of-sale solutions to the retail industry. The program is adaptable, and it can be used on both iPads and desktops.

This cloud-based POS works with a number of popular payment terminals in Australia, including Westpac’s Presto, Tyro, and Square. Hike also offers live chat and email support 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so retailers don’t have to wait for help. In terms of pricing, Hike POS offers annual and monthly subscriptions with no long-term commitment. The annual membership, on the other hand, is cheaper on a month-to-month basis to encourage people to subscribe for longer periods of time.


This company has a good reputation among small and medium-sized retailers. Businesses may simply tailor Lightspeed to match their specific requirements.

Lightspeed is a superb inventory management system. This solution, by properly displaying and disseminating data, may make it easier for businesses to keep track of their inventory levels. The Kit/Club item is a one-of-a-kind feature that allows merchants to input or report multiple products at the same time.

Lightspeed integrates physical and online stores smoothly and provides superior reporting and analytics. As a result, stocking becomes more intuitive, selling becomes less difficult, and growth occurs more organically. Integrated payments allow you to manage all of your transactions in one place and increase security. You can also create a web store without any technical knowledge and keep track of one stock for all sales with integrated payments.


You may access your business from anywhere at any time with Vend. The complex features are easy to use and will help you build your business quickly. Vend effortlessly interacts and collaborates with other industry-leading retail products, allowing you to achieve more with best-in-class partner integrations.

Vend is one of the top retail point-of-sale systems available in Australia for small businesses. The UI is simple to use, yet it has advanced inventory functions and a wide range of tools to help retailers operate better.

This makes it ideal for large-scale stock systems seen in jewelry, apparel, and fashion stores, as well as book stores and supermarket stores. It may be used on any iPad, Mac, or PC, but not on Android tablets.


Square is utilized by nearly two million businesses around the world and has processed over 340 million card transactions, making it a good all-arounder.

With a Square Reader for magstripe, it can accept debit and credit cards, as well as EMV chip cards and Apple Pay with the Square Reader for contactless and chip. Square Point Of Sale allows you to keep real-time track of sales and inventory, manage items and staff, and analyze business analytics.

Square Reader is required for face-to-face card purchases with an iOS smartphone. You may also get the all-in-one Square Register, which comes with a tablet screen and a touchscreen card terminal that is Square for Retail compatible.


Revel Systems POS is a hybrid POS that may run offline and leverages both the cloud and a company’s local network. The Revel POS app is only available for iPad and does not operate on Android, PCs, or other devices.

Revel Systems POS provides a sophisticated CRM, inventory management, automated ordering, kiosk security, and staff tracking in addition to a complete POS system.

It works with Revel-developed solutions (such online ordering) as well as third-party vendors like as Adyen and Tyro card machines, and it offers 24/7 phone and online support to meet clients’ demands at any time. It is, nonetheless, more comprehensive than most other systems.

Why Use a POS System?

Purchasing a POS system offers numerous advantages, including making it easier to operate your retail store. A point-of-sale system can greatly ease daily company activities and, in some situations, even generate revenue.

A few of the many benefits include; improved inventory control, invoicing made simple, payments are made quickly, improved management of employees, better customer service, better organization, regular updates, 24/7 data availability, operational simplification, personalized customer purchases, fewer errors, increased productivity, cost reduction through time savings, reports that are more advanced, functions for multiple stores and greater technical and technological assistance.

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