Estimated Fall Guys Free-To-Play Launch Date, Did I Also Mention Free For All?

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Except for being unable to choose what to dress your bean in, you no longer have a reason not to attempt the absurd combat royale game Fall Guys. Personally, I like the enormous foam hand costume. Fall Guys is now an exclusive of the Epic Games Store, although Steam has also stopped selling it. Don’t worry; you can still access the game through Valve’s launcher, even if you already own it on Steam. The video below shows some bouncing Free For All update gameplay.

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Existing owners are entitled to a free heritage bundle that includes the new season pass. There’s also the party voice chat that Mediatonic has finally incorporated into the game. Falling Beans will automatically grip and climb ledges as well; it is turned on by default for beginners but must be found in the settings by experienced players, most likely foam. You may read Mediatonic’s complete release notes to learn more about the improvements the Free For All update to Fall Guys will bring to the game.

The Free For All upgrade, which includes complete crossplay and cross-progression compatibility, was announced by Mediatonic last month. Fall Guys would now be available for free on all platforms. Seven new rounds are included in the Free For All update, as shown in the teaser. Given the name, Volleyball seems entertaining and very much what you would expect. Hex-a-ring, though, is like a big revolving death platform and reminds me of the British television show Blockbusters, so I’m all for it. Another hidden round is reportedly debuting later in the season, according to Mediatonic.

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Fall Guys is now free on the Epic Games Store, and it will soon be available on Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch. Bring out the bean suits.

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