Keeping Australia free from African Swine Fever

Precautionary Measures to Save Australia from Swine Fever

The pace at which African Swine Fever is spreading across eastern Asia, it is expected that it will soon be a reason for the decline in the pork industry in Australia too. The virus has travelled from Africa to China and is further causing pandemics and wiping away the pig’s populations in Vietnam, Cambodia, North Korea, Hong Kong and Mongolia.

The swine Fever virus can somehow be controlled in the domesticated varieties of pigs, but if by any chance it enters into the wild pig populations, the hazard would be doubled and it would be impossible to control it further. The Australian government is taking steps to avoid the expected pandemics of Swine Fever. Biosecurity measures have been taken by the concerned departments to protect Australia from this exotic disease. Some of these measures are given below:

Screening and Testing

The Federal Department of Agriculture and Water Resources, Australia tests and screens all the samples of pork products which are being imported to the region. Up till now, many products have been quarantined due to the presence of swine Fever viral nucleic acids in them.

Evoking Awareness African Swine Fever

The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources is also taking measures to enhance awareness among the local populations and pig farmers to avoid the impact of the disease. The pigs are tested regularly. Swine Fever has the potency to cause a decline in the meat industry in Australia overnight by destructing the pig farming. The pig farmers are required to keep their animals healthy and have a regular check on their health.

Online Meat Purchasing

The Australian government has designed a list of items which can be and cannot be mailed to Australia to stay away from diseases like swine Fever. So online purchasing of meat and pork-related products is prohibited in the region. Many of these products seem harmless, but the virus may be living in those products and can be a cause of initiation of such deadly fear in Australia.


The vets who are taking care of pigs and are associated with pork industry must keep a check on the symptoms of African Swine Fever and must contain the necessities for screening and quarantining the affected animals, according to the measures taken by the Australian government.

If these measures and steps are followed as it is and proper screening of food is performed, then there is a chance the African Swine Fever might not hit the Australian region and the meat industry will keep booming. Although it is expected that the meat industry especially the pork products will be highly impacted by the presence of swine Fever virus in 2019 and 2020. Australia is preparing to tackle the problem by self-help, other countries in the region must follow to avoid any such hazards. While Australia prioritizes to keep exotic pests and diseases out of the region, the biosecurity authorities within Australia are well prepared for any such disease pandemics.

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