7 Amazing Ways to Experience Australia’s Culture

7 Ultimate Ways To Experience The Australian Tradition, Heritage & Culture

Australian culture and norms are something that almost every tourist desire to experience whether it is modern or traditional. Regardless of which part of the country you are visiting, you’ll always get to feel a diverse and mesmerizing culture. It is a land loaded worth opportunities to discover its diverse, eclectic, and rich culture.

As you travel, you’ll keep on learning more and more about this magnificent country and start to notice the diversity and values of Australian culture. The Australian lifestyle is significantly impacted by its unique geography and warm climate. The country’s far-stretching history, unparallel geography, and multicultural traditions push it among the most interesting places in the world. Among many sources, here is the list of 7 ultimate ways to experience the Australian tradition, heritage & culture.

1. Get Political

If you are interested to know what modern Aussies discuss and debate about then you need to get political. This way you can have a healthy conversation with anyone and enlighten yourself with ongoing current affairs of the country. Also, it will give you ample insight into the country’s history, norms, and lifestyle.

Make sure to arrange some time to read or watch Australian news daily especially the political news. Moreover, watching panel shows and debates on the hot topic will also help you better understand Australian values.

2. Discover Aboriginal culture

The indigenous or aboriginal groups of Australia, also known as first Australians, have one of the world’s oldest cultural histories dating back to more than 50,000years ago. Indigenous arts, crafts, ancient artifacts are present in various galleries and museums all over Australia.

A better option is that you can have a visit to the ancient rock paintings, a dummy traditional bushman, read aboriginal creation stories. This will give you a clear understanding of the history, heritage, and culture of Australian people that goes back to thousands of years.

3. Explore Australian humour

Comedy and humour are thought of as a cultural thermometer. It can teach you a lot better than a hundred of guidebooks will. Watching or listening to Australian comedy can teach you a lot about the culture, social boundaries, gender, class, politics, and almost everything.

You can either go and watch stand-up comedies or watch any classical Australian comedy movie or TV show. Apart from having a great laugh, you’ll learn a lot about the Australian lifestyle and culture.

4. Visit the Buildings You Never Knew Before

One of the most prominent factors in Australia is its iconic buildings. Australia has a rich history of designers, architectures, and artists which is best reflected in its high-end buildings and structures.

To start Australia is home to several fascinating cathedrals that are popular across the world. The churches and cathedrals are depicted as multiple gothic designs and are constructed by various famous architects who have beautifully framed the structures of their buildings. That is why many tourists and locals visit these churches not only for religious obligations but to witnessing their breathtaking beauty and rich history.

Apart from churches, there are various other architectures, malls, halls, and buildings that host numerous prestigious events and conferences each year due to their cultural and historical values. Therefore, visiting one of these sites will immediately enlighten you with the Australian artistic beauty.

5. Experience an Aboriginal Festival

There are a large number of indigenous festivals hosted across the country every year. However, the best-recommended festivals for you would be the Laura Dance Festival and the Barunga Festival.

The Barunga Festival is among the largest community events held in the tropical northern areas of the Northern territory. The festival lasts for three days on the weekends in June. The Barunga festival consists of mix dancing, art shows, live music sports, and cultural workshops.

The Laura Dance Festival is held, in a small town named Laura which is located a four-hour drive from Cairns, after every two years. The festival is among the biggest and oldest aboriginal events in the country where over twenty indigenous communities join to dance away.

Such aboriginal events showcase the original Australian heritage and their cultures, traditions, and lifestyle as well. Therefore, it is highly recommended for those who seek an understanding of Australian values.

6. Attend a Match of Cricket

Cricked is often deemed as the national sport of Australia. This sport arouses great interest from every corner of the country. The Ashes test matches draw a large percentage of spectators both at homes in front of the TV and in the stadium as well for as much as 4-5 days. The domestic league is also pretty common. The cricket is greatly enjoyed by the Aussie fans to the full extent.

Attending a cricket match in Australia is a quick and effective method of immersing yourself in their culture. You’ll relive your day as an Aussie hooting and cheering for your time while enjoying a glass full of beer and lying under the bright sun with sunglasses on.

7. Watch a Theatre Or An Artist

Australia’s theatre world is very rich and mesmerizing to watch, attracting an audience from all over the world. The talent of artists combined with classical Australian folk stories creates an ever-lasting impression on the mind of its viewers and thus the production is admired all around the world.

Therefore, watching Australian theatre or the performance of the artists will bring you one step closer to the vibrant Australian culture. Furthermore, the individual performance of the artists will too depict the essence of the country’s tradition.

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