Is Drake Dating Taylor Swift? Find Out Right Now!

Is Drake Dating Taylor Swift 2022

Oh, the internet with all its ramifications. Just when you thought a fad was over after one viral photo. The next one is yours. In this case, a recent photo has sparked speculation about whether Drake is dating Taylor Swift. Everyone in the celebrity world knows each other, and they all appear to embrace and look great in photographs.

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Is Drake dating Taylor Swift?

The rapper shared a snapshot of him hugging the pop diva on Instagram with the statement, “they too soft to comprehend the value of hard work.” But here’s the thing: Drake included a series of really odd photographs in that post. And each picture has little in common with the others. As a result, several internet gossip kings and queens began to speculate whether the rapper was dating the pop diva. 

On social media, the rumours spread like wildfire. People were speculating why Drake was intruding on Taylor’s life while she was doing so well with Joe Alwyn on Twitter. Others complimented Drake’s next album, seeing Taylor as an opportunist. Others posted a Michael Jackson meme munching popcorn from Thriller to see what others had to say.

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Let me break the news: Drake and Taylor are not dating. When the rapper published a vintage photo of the two on Instagram, people believed something was going on between them. Still, they forgot that Taylor has been in a loving relationship with Joe Alwyn. Taylor is currently dating Joe Alwyn, who starred in the film The Last Letter From Your Lover. Since 2016, the pair has been together and is still going strong. “I believe individuals may do whatever makes them happy,” Joe remarked. I’m clearly content in my monogamous relationship.”

On the other hand, Drake has remained tight-lipped about his personal life. Last year, he was said to be dating Johann Leia.

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