Benjamin Rich, A YouTube Travel Celebrity, Was Detained At The Baikonur Cosmo Drome

Why Was The British YouTube Travel Star Benjamin Rich Arrested

This is for anyone familiar with Benjamin Rich, a British travel Vlogger whom the Russian space agency recently imprisoned. Benjamin Rich, often known as Bald and Bankrupt, is a well-known Youtuber. He made news with his current dispute. On May 7, 2022, we learned that prominent Vlogger Benjamin Rich had been detained for violating specific rules.

Since the news emerged, his subscribers and fans have been going crazy on social media, wondering why he was arrested and where he is now. There are still a lot of unanswered questions. We have, nevertheless, done our best to cover every vital part of this subject and give relevant information. It is strongly advised that you stay with us and read the entire article below. Please read the whole page all the way to the bottom.

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What Happened?

Officials said British travel vlogger Benjamin Rich, aka “Bald and Bankrupt,” was detained for trespassing at a Russian-controlled spaceport in Kazakhstan. After interrogation, he was issued a fine and freed. Rich, 47, and Alina Tseliupa, 31, a Belarussian lady, were captured at Site 112 at the Baikonur Cosmodrome early Saturday night, according to Roscosmos. They were both brought to a nearby police station.

Rich and Zelupa were held for “illegal conduct,” according to Dmitry Olegovich Rogozin, the president of Roscosmos. The latter stated the inquiry is still ongoing. Rich subsequently revealed on Instagram that he was held because he witnessed the Buran rocket without specific permission. “Basically, I was interrogated for a few hours by Russian police… and issued a 60-pound administrative punishment,” he stated.

Rich, also known as Bald and Bankrupt, is a popular travel vlogger with over 3.5 million YouTube subscribers. Alina, the lady he was with, has appeared in several of his videos, many of which were shot in former Soviet Union countries. Rich was jailed and made to repent in 2019 after completing a video on a train in Russia’s predominantly Muslim Chechnya area. He privately quipped in a video recording later removed that he wished to share his cabin with a “Chechnya woman.”

Rich’s most recent video was shot in Syria and released on April 24 on YouTube. His last video, shot in Ukraine, has received over 6.3 million views. Since joining YouTube in 2018, his videos have earned approximately 500 million views.

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