How to Take Care Newborn Kitty Without Mama Cat

Found a Newborn Kitty Without Mama cat? How to save a life?

“How to take care of newborn kitty without Mama cat?” itself is a sad search query, especially for soft-hearted cats and kittens lovers type human. Parents are not only a great blessing for we human but also for all the animals. Usually, Mama cat takes care of her all newborn babies but sometimes due to the death of a cat, or if a kitty gets abandoned by the mother cat. In such cases, for the kitten’s survival, we human have to help the poor baby.

We human can’t be a substitute for a mother cat for a newborn kitty but we can save a life from being wasted.

Environment for Newborn Kitty

Neither too hot nor too cold, try to provide moderate environment. With mama cat, kitties can take warmth instantly but without her, we have to prepare warm bed for the poor baby. Wrapping a hot water bottle in a towel to keep the baby’s bed warm. Changing the water occasionally when seems normal from hot.

In second week, kitty will open eyes and by end of the same week or start of third week, it will start running here and there. Take care of a newborn kitty that it won’t go out of room as they can’t resist extreme of weather.


Feeding Newborn Kitty

The most searched question by kittens lovers, that what to feed to a newborn kitty? Ideally, kittens rely on mama’s milk up to 3 weeks and till then they don’t eat any kitten or cat food neither dry food nor canned one. But, in case of orphan kittens, you have to bring milk replacer which is specially designed for such newborn kitties so good for their health. Avoid giving natural milk of goat or cow.


Cleaning Newborn Kitty

No need to give her bath in first week as it can risk kitty’s life. Cleaning with moistened towel by hot water would be wonderful idea.

Up to three weeks, you have to manage their potty cleaning stuff as well. So, where mother cat licks them to clean their potty, there; you can use towel to clean them regularly.

Week 4, start kitty’s training for using litter box.

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