How to train a kitten to use the litter box

How to train a kitten to pee in the litter box is easier than teaching older cat to use litter box comparatively. You have to start kittens litter training from 3rd to 4th week. If there is mama cat, she will manage it for you or if you have adopted a kitten of 6-8 weeks, it will litter trained already.

The question is; How to train a kitten to use the litter box without a mother cat? Keep reading, hope you will get detailed answer within this article.

By the way, how many cats and kittens do you have at your home?

How to train a kitten to use the litter box

Training a kitten for litter box is full time fun and this enjoyable period never stays longer. Here are few helpful tips to make your experience wonderful.

#1 – Selection of Litter box

Choosing a large litter box would be a good decision. However, there are tiny litter boxes for kittens available in the market. But, In this how to train a kitten to use the litter box guide, I would highly recommend the best stuff possible. As kittens become adults within 6 months so buying once for years will be good, if you have long term plan of keeping your little ones with you.

There should be one side low. Else, you can put some support, so kittens can go in and out easily.

Enclosed litter boxes for cats would be superb but ensure it should be large enough. It is a good stage to introduce your kitty with enclosed litter box as after being adult, usually cats won’t welcome new things.

#2 – Choose litter for kittens

There are usually many types of litter available for cats and kittens. You can use even cats litter for your kittens but choosing special kitty litter for kittens would be recommended. Moreover, you should ensure following points while selecting a kitty litter.

  • Scoopable cats litter is so famous among cats owner. It is recommended for kittens too so regular litter cleaning can be easier to ensure kitty’s health.
  • Cats litter should be dust-free. As not only dust irritates kittens but also it isn’t healthy for kittens lungs.
  • Choose unscented or less scented litter for kittens as kittens & cats usually aren’t fan of high perfumed litter. So, it can encourage them to find some other place.
  • Avoid Clumping Cat litter as it isn’t easy to use for kittens. Also, there is possibility that little one may eat it which can lead a serious health problem.
  • Select a famous and easily available litter brand as once your kitty will become familiar with specific litter, it would be hard to convince him using any new.

#3 – Having enough litter boxes at home

The best suggestion is to have 1 litter box for each kitten and one extra per kitten. So, if you are owner of only kitten, having 2 litter boxes will be quite enough if you don’t have too big home.

Regularly Clean all the litter boxes so each time your kitten finds it perfect for use whenever required.

Kittens are fast learners so they can learn how to use a litter box in 1-2 days at max. Your headache starts when 5 week old kitten not using litter box while it is already litter trained.

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