How to stop your cat from peeing everywhere?

Being a cat owner, you should know that why cats pee anywhere outside of litter box and how to stop your cat from peeing outside of litter box?. Usually, this adorable creature never ever do anything to hurt you intentionally. So, we need to understand why unwanted behavior has developed and how to fix it ASAP.

Every home has at least 1 cat lover who eagerly wants to pet a cat. But, nobody can afford smelly home. So, if you have one and cat started peeing everywhere on bed, under bed, on carpet and all the other unwanted places. You should learn how to stop a cat for peeing on things by helping your cat to learn using litter box. Having a fresh and clean environment is equally important for you and your pet.


Before, I start discussing scenarios, reasons and solutions about how to stop cats peeing anywhere at home. I would love to introduce myself. I have 5 cute cats Mushi, MooMoo, Mysti, Maani and Leela.

Here are their pictures 🙂

Mysti the Cat
Mysti the Cat

Top 7 reasons why cats pee anywhere

If your cat was litter trained and suddenly started peeing outside of litter box, you must figure out the problem and fix it asap. And, if you have recently pet a cat and he/she is peeing anywhere secretly, that’s also a fixable behavior.

Your possible questions can be;

  1. What causes cats to urinate outside of litter box
  2. Why is my cat urinating in house suddenly
  3. Why is my cat peeing everywhere

Answer of all of your questions is same. Here are the most common reasons why cats pee everywhere at home out of her litter box:

  • She doesn’t like the litter box, so wouldn’t love to go there. Pick a litter box as per your cat’s needs.
  • The cats litter you are using, isn’t appreciated by your cats. Change it!
  • Due to stress or any other reason, your cat has peed outside of litter box accidently and later can adopt this as habit.
  • Litter boxes might placed far away to reach instantly. Such as if you are having double storey home and you have placed a litter box on downstairs, how your lazy cat will run down each time when she wants to pee?
  • Nobody likes dirty toilets, how cats can use dirty, smelly litter box?
  • Behavioral issues can become a reason. Such as if you pet a new cat while had a cat already at home. Or if you scolded your cat. Peeing everywhere can be reaction of your cat.
  • Cat might have some physical problem such as kidney, stones or any other health issue

Top 7 ways how to stop your cat from peeing outside of litter box?

#1 – Have you changed litter box?

There are different types of litter boxes for cats available in the market. Question is; have you recently changed litter box? Is it exactly similar like old litter box?

It is natural that we move to advancement so if you had adopted a kitten, went for training your kitten to use litter tray, later open with high walls litter box, and then finally came to enclosed litter box. Or whatever, was the sequence. But, keep high care that you have to give time to your cat/kitten to accept new change before fully replacing the old solution. Instantly throwing the previous one and placing new one wouldn’t be great idea. Notice the recent change you made will help you; how to stop cats peeing everywhere habit.

#2 – What type of litter, should you use?

Here, let me share my own personal experience. As earlier, I was using Thomas Cat Litter and it was loved by my 4 cats.

Thomas Cat Litter
Thomas Cat Litter

So, it was very first cats litter brand introduced to my cats. Suddenly, it went out of stock in my area. And I needed to choose another brand of cat litter, agree?

I went for the next available brand online with fastest home delivery and that was Remu cat litter from

Remu cat litter
Remu cat litter

Earlier, I was cleaning litter 4-5 times a day and I was surprised that why it is cleaned all the day 😀 and then I’ve discovered that 3 of my naughty cats left using litter box. They’ve started peeing anywhere at home outside of litter box. Because, they rejected this new brand cats litter. Those were the days; when I was searching this term madly “How to stop my cats peeing everywhere” ha ha

There are different companies or brands for cats litter. What type of cats litter you are using? and which one is liked by your cats? A possible reason could be that your cat doesn’t like the litter so give try to other available cats litter brands.

#3 – Hide accidents immediately

If you cat has peed on some unwanted place, clean it properly as soon as possible for you. Cats come back to pee again on the place where they pee last time and smell attracts them. So, by cleaning the place will help you to stop your cat peeing on unwanted places.

There are somethings which aren’t easy to clean immediately and perfectly. Such as carpet.

How to stop cat from peeing on carpet if once accidentally she did?

There are few ways for stopping your cat from peeing on carpet;

  • Put upside down, it will discourage the cat to pee there again.
  • Place double sided scotch tape so it will stick with cat’s paws.
  • Move her litter box on the spot where she peed once.

Some cats start peeing on bed as daily many cats owners submit query “Why is my cat urinating on bed“.

The possible reasons are exactly same. And, the solution is, that clean your bed immediately. Hiding smell isn’t easy but turning mattress can help.

#4- Place litter boxes everywhere

Don’t put litter boxes too far or on the places which aren’t easily accessible for cats. Such as; if you have habit to keep cats in your room and you lock your door before sleep. What will be option for your cats if they wanted to pee while you would be sleeping? Either keep a litter box in or keep door open so they can go out whenever required.

Fewer litter boxes can become a cause of your cat started peeing outside of litter box as cats are smart enough to find shortcuts like we humans ha ha

#5- Clean cats litter box regularly

As you, being human never loves to step in a dirty toilet. Think same for the cats, how they can go in a dirty litter box barefooted? Keep all the litter boxes clean to encourage them to use when required.

Here is the question, how many times you need to clean the litter box?

It depends on number of your cats, their activity level and number of litter boxes.

#6 – Love your cat

Don’t scold your cat for any reason. And if ever you couldn’t control your senses. Quickly, calm your cat back by cuddling and giving food treats etc.

And if you’ve adopted one more cat. You should learn how to introduce a new cat to your older cat. So both can adjust without any negative feelings or behavior. That’s how to stop your cat for reaction.

#7 – A medical Check up

If you’ve figured out that none of the above is the case with you but still your cat is peeing everywhere. You should schedule appointment with a vet to have proper medical check up of your cat.

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