Why Gifting an Electric Scooter to Your Kid Is a Great Idea This Christmas

Shortly, the long-awaited holiday season will be everywhere, and these occasions will mark special moments with families and close ones. 

However, to get the most out of those amazing parties, you need to plan what to gift your loved ones. 

Struggling to find a unique gift for your kids, nieces or nephews? We suggest that there is nothing better than gifting your kid an electric scooter  as a Christmas present.

Continue reading to find out why this option makes sense.

Kids Electric Scooters Are Meant For Their Development

Before selecting a scooter for your kid, check if your kid is ready to ride the scooter. By that, we don’t mean if they would like to ride it, of course, they will. However, there are other concerns. 

Are they experienced enough to ride safely and understand the hazards? Are you confident about their cognitive and motor skills? If the answer to all these questions is yes, then getting your kid an electric scooter as a gift this Christmas is a great idea. 

Here are some important things to consider:

  • When it comes to the child’s age to ride the scooter, the scooter laws vary from city to city. Usually, kids aged 8-14 can easily manage a scooter. If there are some particular situations like busy traffic or no sidewalks, please factor in these as well.
  • Children under 16 must wear a helmet at all times, primarily for their safety, and several countries have made this a mandatory rule.
  • An electric scooter is essentially a mode of transportation, similar to a bicycle. It shouldn’t be used for fooling around and performing stunts. With an e-scooter, your kid will become accustomed to making informed decisions and riding responsibly. 

Don’t Forget to Factor in These Tips While Buying a Kids Electric Scooter.

You need to answer two important questions while buying a scooter for your kid:

  1. What will your kid use the scooter for?
  2. What is your ideal price range?

The first question is all about your child’s requirements. How far will your child be travelling on the scooter and where will they go? Will they be mostly riding in the backyard, or will they take it further, perhaps to the school or the nearby playground? Will your child be wanting to take in the car on trips, so is a foldable scooter a neccessity?

What pavements will your child ride mostly? Will it be smooth pathways, bumpy paths with potholes, or perhaps cobblestone roads? 

It’s important to address such questions before finalising your kid’s scooter. Other important aspects include:

  • Compactness – Your child could use this scooter type if they need to get into a car or put the scooter in some small storage space at school or home. Many scooters are folded from the base of the steering column, but not all come with the folding handlebar.
  • Tyre type – Anti-puncture reliable tyre or less “vibrating” air tyre for bumpy roads.
  • Battery Power – Smaller batteries mean smaller scooters, but with a reduced range. A bigger battery adds more range and weight to the scooter. Batteries with more than 500Wh would usually cover a practical range of 30 kilometers or more in normal city-riding. 
  • Other factors – Suspension, brakes, top speed, lights and application configuration must be considered.

Final Word

In this age of electronic gadgets, kids are losing interest in going out and playing. This is why getting them an electric scooter will entice them to ride outside, explore new places and stay fit. 

So, when are you planning to buy an electric scooter for your little loved one? Tell us in the comments!

Kelly W
Kelly W
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