Worst To Best Birthday Presents With Acceptable Prices You Can Buy For Your Kids – Age 8 To 12

Birthday Gifts with Justifiable Prices For Kids Aged Between 8 to 12

Since technology developed so rapidly, parents are having a pretty rough time when choosing a present for their child. An action figure or a barbie is no longer enough. You now have to spend a lot of money if you want your child to love you. But we’ve got a little secret for you – you don’t have to pay hundreds of dollars to make you child happy. But you do have to be careful. Check this out.

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1. Socks

Whatever you do, don’t buy your kids this. This is probably one of the worst gifts ever for a child. Wait a few years and then buy it for them, when they learn the real value of keeping your feet warm.

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2. Math Book

Kids usually don’t even like exciting books, let alone a “big fat” math book. Unless your kid is a mathematics genius, it’ll probably hate this book. Therefore it will hate you.

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3. Back To School Supplies Kit

School? No, thanks. It’s already hard enough that the winter break will soon be over, and you have to remind them of that? Don’t. Just don’t. Give it to them when the school actually starts

4. Video game

All right, now you’re thinking more clearly. Kids love to play, remember? It used to be “hide and seek” or legos, and now it’s video games. Just make sure to find out which one your child likes the most since there are millions of them.

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5. Spying Drone


This is a sure win for the parents. But don’t worry, it’s a mini drone and totally safe for kids. They can spy the neighbourhood all they want… Wait, actually, what we meant to say was birdwatching. Yes, they can watch birds all they want.

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6. Apple AirPods

This gift is a no-brainer. It’s a little pricey, but you will definitely buy your child’s love with this one. Even adults would want this gift, so you might buy one for yourself as well.

Of course, you can always get your child a Nintendo Switch, an Xbox One or even a new iPhone, but then you might have to get a loan. Besides, birthdays are all about family and love, aren’t it?

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