Calabrese of Australia Dinner Dance

Australia Calabrese: Dinner Dance 2022

Event: Calabrese of Australia Dinner Dance

Venue: The Member’s Lounge @ Reggio Calabria Club, 476 Brunswick Rd, Parkville VIC, Australia

Date: Sat, 20 Aug, 11:59 pm GMT+10

Official Website:

Celebrate the potential annual Calabrese of Australia Dinner Dance with friends and family on Saturday, August 20, 2022, with a delectable genuine Italian 4-course Members Lounge selected menu, door prizes, and live Tarantella! – Wine, beer, and soft drinks are included. The Calabrese is a geographically and culturally distinct population from southern Italy’s traditional latifundia region.

Calabrese of Australia

The yearly backyard practice of creating “Conserva” (pasta sauce) each summer is a testament to the various cultural traditions and rituals that Calabrian families have preserved since migrating to Australia. Scratch the surface of this crucial yearly occasion. You’ll discover a variety of cultural, social, and linguistic traditions that have not only survived but have strengthened in many cases in recent years. The local dialect is proudly still in use in most Calabrese houses in Australia but is tainted by numerous English terms.

Culinary traditions have been passed down through the generations. The Calabrese family still values food preparation and preservation. Calabrian culture is regularly exposed for all to enjoy via Italian radio stations presented by their very own local paesani. Many religious festivals are held in Calabrese localities in honor of their regional patron saints. Mass is celebrated in Italian in many parishes, and the church serves as a critical social gathering place and a place of worship. Weddings and funerals serve as social bridges between groups that are geographically apart.

Thankfully, many of the customs that Calabrian migrants brought with them have been preserved. As a result, they have unknowingly contributed to Australia’s changing multicultural culture. Despite the difficulties faced by our forebears, who left their homes and families only to be met with prejudice, apathy, and misunderstanding, Calabrians brought to Australia inherent survival skills and attitudes that aided in their successful integration in a strange nation. Many of those abilities and attitudes are still useful today.


Gluten-free, vegan & vegetarian meals available

Primary Menu: ‘Grande’ Antipasto

Celino’s “Grande Antipasto Experience” includes the best continental cold cuts, Italian olives, Campania buffalo mozzarella, and Celino’s 24-hour-proved sourdough with dipping oils.

Entry Menu: Pasta Alla Norma

Pasta Alla Norma, often known as pasta con le melanzane (eggplant spaghetti), is an Italian pasta and eggplant dish. It’s created with tomato sauce, fried eggplant slices, grated Ricotta Salata cheese, and basil and served with grated Ricotta Salata cheese and basil. It is typical of Sicilian food, particularly Catalan cuisine.

Alternating main courses: Grilled chicken breast fillet, Baked Barramundi Fillet, and Calzone with a seasonal vegetable filling.

Children’s Menu: Pasta Ragu, Chicken nuggets & chips, and Vanilla Ice Cream

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