Chris Rock ‘Ego Death’ Tour in Australia 2022

Chris Rock ego death tour is going to tqake place in Brisbane Entertainment Centre, Australia on 20th august 2022. Chris Rock will perform in most Australian towns as part of his Ego Death World Tour, his first visit to Australia in almost five years. This August, the Grammy and Emmy Award-winning stand-up comedian, actor, writer, and producer will kick off a five-city tour in Australia, beginning in Melbourne and continuing to Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, and the Gold Coast.

The tour, which TEG Dainty is promoting, will bring Rock back to the United States for the first time since his 2017 Total Blackout tour, which won acclaim from critics and fans alike. When the comedian announced the tour on Instagram last month, he claimed it would be “all-new stuff, introspective, extremely personal, and very funny.”

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Rock grew up in the working-class Bedford-Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn, where he was raised by strict parents and learned about racial relations once at a young age. He was bussed to schools in predominantly white communities, where he was relentlessly tormented by his classmates, prompting him to drop out of high school and pursue his GED.

Rock has utilized humor to explore subjects ranging from familial ties to American race relations. He frequently relies on his early years when discussing such matters, delivering unvarnished, often coarse, but unquestionably intelligent observations. Rock’s casual performance style includes a lot of cursing, so getting Chris Rock tickets for kids might not be the most excellent option. Fans of Chris Rock should look out for Kevin Hart and Hannibal Buress, two up-and-coming comedians he has influenced.

Tours Rules & Regulation

No cell phones, smartwatches, cameras, or recording equipment will be permitted at the venue. All phones and smartwatches will be placed in YONDR® pouches upon arrival and unlocked after the performance. Guests keep control of their phones throughout the night and may unlock them at dedicated YONDR unlocking stations in the lobby if necessary.

Cameras or other recording equipment are prohibited from entering the venue and must be kept at home. This event will not have any mobile ticket distribution alternatives. To guarantee a seamless entrance procedure, all attendees are advised to arrive with actual tickets in hand. Anyone spotted using a cellphone inside the event will be removed immediately. We appreciate your help in making a phone-free watching experience possible.

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