Baby Booms after COVID-19 Lockdown – Facts

Strange Eras of Baby Booms

Baby booms after COVID-19 lockdown. When it comes to baby booms, the history of the Great Depression and World War II came to my mind. The births increased in the Western nations, and the exact reason is still to be determined. It is said that the reason for these baby booms was to end the economic decline and increase the workforce of the country.

It has also been said that economic prosperity came after the Great Depression and that made men marry more and thus reproduce more too. According to some people, the reason was tax exemptions on married couples or maybe other policies of governments. There can be several other motives too.

This is strange since this is not a war with weaponry and rivalry. Our only rival is a hidden enemy that we call this coronavirus. This is weird, and there is so much panic throughout the world. We can associate with another depression in the economy and other consequences for the countries, but an interesting thing to mention is that probable baby booms are coming this year. There are many reasons to believe that we will see many babies at the end of the year.

1. Are Further Baby Booms expected?

First, this is a moment of lockdown, and everyone is in their homes. We are very busy throughout the year in our work and other activities, but now everything remains confined to our home in this moment of lockdown. Due to the frustration of work, many people don’t even look at their partners romantically. This will not happen this time and it is very probable that to enjoy these days of psychological imprisonment, the couples may use ‘other techniques’ to maintain peace of mind and body.

So, the moment of lockdown is creating stress for many people, especially, extroverts. Another important point of concern is that some people may have an increased inclination to sexual activities when they’re feeling anxiety, according to scientific studies and analysis. These are one of the defence mechanisms of your body against stress since we all know that sexual behaviour may kill stress.

If we feel anxiety or stress, it is also possible that we don’t plan or care about any contraceptives and just do what we want (without caring about anything, literally anything about the future!). Pregnancy would probably occur in large amounts after the coronavirus lockdown, and it may produce babies if they employ no abortion.

Baby booms after COVID-19 lockdown.

2. Family Planning

Baby booms after COVID-19 lockdown may display interesting family planning results. On the other hand, it is a very good opportunity to do family planning and use this time effectively. Many couples who aim to have children may find a good opportunity to plan during these days. Work prevents many women from having children and they may use this time in fulfilling what they wish and seek. So, if you want to have children, it is a good season for you to do so since there are no hindrances to stop you now.

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3. How Do Ideas Change?

Although I do not consider myself capable of very reasonable psychoanalysis, I think many people can change their ideas about not having children. When time and atmosphere changes, many ideas change too. People had a very conservative trend and thought before the French Revolution, and many things changed since then. The politics, the whole atmosphere, and scientific studies and analysis have changed the way how people think.

Now, many people think they should not have children and we know that this trend is very common now. But when in isolation, they are just alone, away from all work and away from all the external atmosphere. It may lead them to think more emotionally about their family and change their idea of having children. The work and our motivations lead us to leave thinking about having children, but there is no work now, and we may think differently about these ideas.


Baby booms after COVID-19 lockdown. It is very difficult to attain certainty to predict the future, but the conditions tell us that there will be baby booms in many countries and possibly Australia too. In the undeveloped nations of high fertility, I am near-sure that they will add a significant amount to the world population. We don’t know if this going to bring peace of mind and body or a series of global problems that the population growth may cause.

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Fun Fact

Why is everyone getting pregnant Lockdown?

A major reason behind the new interest in fertility and population growth has been the COVID-19 pandemic.Due to shutdown everyone was at home that’s why everyone getting pregnant in lockdown.

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