Find out Why Not All Bulletproof Backpack Inserts Are the Same

Are you worried about your kid’s safety? Are you looking for bulletproof backpack inserts? Then you have come to the right place. Since not all bulletproof backpack inserts are the same, we will discuss with you what you need to know about backpack inserts—body armor and whether backpack inserts are classified according to the levels of ballistic performance by the NIJ.

From level 2a to level 4, most of the backpack inserts are classified as level 3a, and they can contain multiple rounds of 9mm, .357, and .44 magnum ammunition. It is crucial that you check the NIJ compliance letters and lab reports before your purchase online.

In this way, you can get NIJ-certified products instead of poor-quality products. Check out a Safe Life Defense blog content about backpack armor uses for yourself and your family.

Continue reading to learn more about bulletproof backpack inserts.

High powered rifle protection

If you look at the pattern of mass shootings and other crimes, you will see that high-powered rifles are more in use instead of handguns. So the backpack insert must be able to provide protection against this level by being a Level 3. Since these rifles can cause a lot of damage, the need for increased protection is necessary. Even though most of the bulletproof inserts provide level 3a protection, some also comply with the level 3 standards.

Materials used in making backpack inserts

The materials used in making the backpack inserts make all the difference in cost, weight, comfort, and protection they provide. Since the main characteristic of a bulletproof insert is to be thin and concealable, only a few materials, namely polyethylene, and steel can provide protection against rifles in this form.

1) Steel

Steel bulletproof backpack inserts are inexpensive and thin, but they can be heavy, ranging from 8 to 10 pounds in weight. These heavy inserts in a kid’s bag can be quite difficult for them to carry. A steel insert will cost you 65 dollars. But you have to decide that the weight is worth saving on the cost. If it is for your kid’s backpack, then you need to consider the extra weight.

2) Polyethylene

One of the latest technologies in ballistic materials is the Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene or UHMWPE. This material provides top-quality protection at a low weight of 3 to 5 pounds. They offer the same protection as steel inserts, but they are easy, and comfortable to carry due to their minimal weight. Polyethylene inserts come in thicknesses of .7″ to 1.1″ and in different sizes as well. Polyethylene inserts range in cost from 199 dollars to 700 dollars.

How do you choose the right backpack insert?

A direct answer to this question is quite difficult, but below are some questions that you can think about before you select a backpack insert.

·         Is the insert according to the most recent NIJ standards?

·         Does the product hold an NIJ-certified stamp?

·         Did you look at the ballistic lab report?

·         Is the company credible, trustworthy, and legitimate?

·         Is all the information easily available?

·         Is a real person available for consultation if you have any queries?


The bulletproof backpack is one of the protective measures that can ensure safety and peace of mind in case an unfortunate situation arises. Having a bulletproof backpack insert during an active shooting can save the life of your child. Hopefully, the information we provided will have made you more aware of the options you have. But it is crucial that you do your research, explore the various options, and make a knowledgeable decision that will work for you and your child.

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