Tips to Manage Your Mental Health – Control Your Mind During Isolation

How to Control Your Mind During Isolation?

Control your mind during isolation. There was no moment in history when Australia and the rest of the world had no pandemics and global issues. There was a time when there was hunger throughout the world. There was a time when world wars had taken the world. There was a time that immense confusion was taking place in the world and the world had to decide what it must do (It has still not decided anything).

We are now suffering from a different kind of global issue and that is the virus called COVID-19. A little hidden enemy has taken the whole world and most of the governments have taken strong actions to stop the growth of this issue.

In India, a man just killed his wife and committed suicide in Gurugram. It is not only the virus that is killing people, but frustration can also kill many too. People have no activity to perform and no way to control their thoughts. This ignorance is, however, specific to only those who don’t seek answers. For those who seek answers, we can present many alternatives that will help you throughout the lock-down. These are some simple tips for your mental health.

1. Meditation

Why did I start to talk about meditation directly? It is because most people don’t know or probably have no experience of meditation in their life. During meditation, a person concentrates on a single easy thought, making him feel relaxed. There are many ways for meditation which you may read from the internet or other sources, but I can tell you about the simplest ones. It can activate you during the severe complications in life that are hitting you hard. Just by looking at the sky or the garden or just closing your eyes not thinking anything, you can feel immense pleasure and that too within minutes.

This is the magic of meditation that might take your time but makes the mind pure of all bad thoughts and activate it to work throughout the day. Also in the decisions, you make throughout your day. If you think that meditation may require a trainer, that’s not the case. You must try it yourself, even only for five minutes daily. It will surprise you how relaxed you become.

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2. Books

I am certainly not talking about some Australian course books under this heading. I am talking about knowledge and wisdom. We don’t read books and some people only read newspapers. But you may discover some great books that can change your way of thinking about things. An author writes about the breathtaking moments in life and moments of history.

They attract some people to the history and there are many such books available online which you can download and read. We always see the apparent consequences and we should not remain the same. Books are not frustrating, boring or lacking entertainment. They just improve and help you in your life and can control the way you imagine. As Albert Einstein said:

“The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.”

And you can make your images better by seeing the world from a lot of different lenses, and that can make you resolve some great issues too.

3. Gardening

One of the recognisable tips for your mental health is gardening. We all came from nature and belong to it. We want to disconnect ourselves from nature sometimes which has caused a lot of problems. We humans are unique, but not too special to suppress all the other natural beings. The animals, the plants and all nature remain precious and our responsibility.

Australian gardens are present in many homes, and it is a great hobby to spend some time outdoors. It feels natural, pure, and you feel loved by nature. By the teleological and intuitive feeling of nature, we may develop some pure ideas worth investing time in. This is something everyone should try to link to and enjoy the peacefulness of it.

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4. Cooking

Men and women in Australia can manage isolation by taking part in cooking. I think when human beings i.e. our ancestors invented ‘cooking’, they made no distinction between genders but cultures have produced it. Not to argue with culture, but I think men should try to take part in cooking a little more. 1/4th of men do minimal homework in Australia and they surrender the opportunity to show their creative skills. At least, every human being should do a little cooking even if he or she is not an expert on it. Remember, cooking remains good for your mental health.

5. Improve Your Posture

We use mobile phones, and PCs throughout the years, and it ruined our posture. We become more like dinosaurs instead of being genuinely human. Our posture becomes damaged, and we experience constant neck problems. Undertake a bit of stretching and exercises to improve your posture. If you improve your posture, you can control your mental health and create positive rather than negative thoughts.

6. Games and Movies

There are many kinds of games that we all know. They have invented some and there are some that you can invent too. It is a great time to play mindful, challenging and tricking games. This can certainly hold your attention and make you inclined towards intellectual activity along with entertainment. It is also a great moment to make your friendship bonds strong by playing games online with your friends.

You can watch movies. I like psychological thriller movies like “The Gift” and “Joker”. Movies that involve history are also those I like. I cannot watch horror since I see enough frightful things in my daily life. Well, everybody has their preferences, and they can watch movies according to their wishes.

7. Family Time

Control your mind during isolation and take part in family time. I am talking about playing with little kids, and it is indeed good for your mind. Their cuteness and innocence melt everyone’s heart. It is very pleasing to engage yourself with little children and know about their perceptions of the world. Kids are not only human kids but they can include little pets too (if you have). You can also play with them and spend more time with your pets too (they are part of the family, I guess).

8. Insanity

I have read that, Aristotle said:

“No great genius has ever existed without some touch of madness

I am not sure if Aristotle said that, but this is completely true. I was amazed due to this quote once and I think this is very true. I just thought that this quote is praising me and I felt it with pleasure. We human beings try to be very formal in our everyday life without doing whatever our minds tell us to do. There is nothing wrong with being mad at some moment of the day. If you are feeling something and not harming anyone, you may continue with your feelings without interruption and feel bad about what you feel. Just be mad and that’s very normal to do so! Just sing something if you want to do it. Just hit something or play, if you wish, even if it feels insane (but there are some formalities still available).

9. Exercise

There have been many global issues in the past and present, but this one is extremely difficult to handle and you may feel anxious as a result. In the days I used to feel anxious, I would walk daily without caring about anything. Exercises release stress and energy from the body and make you feel better. It diverts your attention and makes you active. Exercises proved a good health alternative and recommended by health practitioners too. Walk inside your home with your partner (or family member) talking to each other and do this daily. I assure you that this is a great option.

10. Write Something

You should have a diary to put everything you feel into it and control your mind. It can be poetry, philosophy, psychology, psychoanalysis, any point in history, any point on scripture or anything that you feel. Some great people in history used to have a diary (or something similar) and that includes an Indian King Babur, St. Augustine, Rousseau, Newton, Nietzsche, Iqbal or Gibbon. If you cannot confess something in front of the entire world, you can confess it to yourself but in the form of writing. It can also help in relieving frustration.

You can also control your mind during isolation by writing professionally in the form of freelancing. You can write reviews and novels too. Options never end and you always have something to do to divert your attention and make you inclined towards a concentrated and healthy life.


Control Your Mind During Isolation. There are many breath-taking moments in life to consider, sometimes surprising and terrifying, sometimes funny or adventurous and full of fear. A human being is strong and wants to survive. We can enjoy all moments of life just by feeling joyous. Global issues are part of humankind and our existence. Do not stop enjoying life because you are scared of what tomorrow may bring.

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How to Handle Coronavirus Isolation and Anxiety?

You can lose your loneliness and stress by exercising and spending time in nature. Spending time in nature releases feel-good chemicals that increase your mood.

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