Archos Diamond 2 Note Review – Specs And Features

A Complete Review On Archos Diamond 2

Archos Diamond 2 Note Review: The tech industry is the most competitive market right now. Top beasts have set extreme benchmarks which are hard to achieve. Archos is a French tech company, famous for its personal media players. For the past few years, the company is struggling very hard to come up with decent smartphones. Unfortunately, previous smartphones were poorly designed and developed.


At MWC 2016, French company came up with something impressive. Archos Diamond 2 Note is the latest flagship of the company. Honestly, it is coming with premium features. Surprisingly, its features are comparable with Galaxy S7 and LG G5. The best part, impressive features at an affordable price as compared to rivals.

Important Things About Archos Diamond 2 Note:

Here are the top things you need to know about Archos Diamond 2 Note:

Larger Screen Of Archos Diamond 2 Note:

A few years back, every brand was trying to present a phone with a bigger screen. But Google Nexus 6 has set a new trend. After research, it was an evident idea of screen size comes in between 5.1 and 5.7 inches.

Diamond 2 is not following the trend. It features a larger screen of 6 inches. Honestly, it is an enormous phone and makes one-handed use difficult. To make the user experience comfortable, we have rounded edges and aluminum back. Larger size and body makes the phone heavier to hold.

Overall, the company made a great effort in the shape of Diamond 2. We have clean and high quality back with precise designing. Archos designers avoid unnecessary elements while designing. That’s commendable!

Premium Display of Archos Diamond 2 Note

Archos Diamond 2 got a really impressive display. We have quad HD resolution on a 6-inch screen. It offers 2560 x 1440 pixels, the highest resolution Archos phone till date. Because of the IPS panel, the display looks vividly great.

In front, there is Gorilla Glass 3 for providing more protection. If we talk about affordable smartphones, Diamond 2 comes on top. No budget phone offers such display features.

Unskinned Android Version in Archos Diamond 2 Note

Archos understands the beauty of Android Marshmallow version. That’s why Diamond 2 offers an unskinned version of Android. The company did not try to put ugly personalized skin like rivals.

Well, pre-production units are running on Android 5.1. But products available for sale will come with Android Marshmallow. You are going to experience every feature offered by Android Marshmallow.

Top-Notch Specs of Archos Diamond 2 Note

Although, previous versions were slow and poor in terms of performance. But Diamond 2 is offering top-end specifications.

It is running on Octa-Core Mediatek x10 processor. It is the latest 64 chip with 2GHz. To support the processor, we have 3GB RAM and 32 GB internet storage. Overall, the specifications are impressive!

Diamond 2 features high-quality camera of 16MP at the back. It has a Sony sensor to capture 4K video. In front, 8MP camera captures impressive selfies. The front camera comes with flash, that is an unavoidable fact.

It comes with a MicroSD slot and a large battery of the 3,610 mAH battery.

Final Verdict:

Honestly. Archos Diamond 2 Note is the top gun when it comes to affordable smartphones. From design to the performance, its offerings are hard to ignore. If you want high end working in your budget, go for Diamond 2.

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