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Asus ROG GL552VW Review:  Asus is the big name when it comes to gaming laptops. Asus ROG GL552VW is the new prodigy with added flavor. Asus declared that this laptop will provide 1080p gaming experience without any hiccup. Well, this is not the attractive part. This quality under thousands of Australian Dollars is the big thing! Prime quality with affordable price is the real charm about Asus ROG GL552VW!

Asus ROG GL552VW Review | Top Gaming Laptops Reviews

This whole post is dedicated to the premium device comes in the list of top gaming laptops “Asus ROG GL552VW”.

Asus ROG GL552VW Design:

Gaming laptops have the reputation of being attractive machines. Same applies for Asus ROG GL552VW. Asus always makes gaming devices with a perfect balance of the design. The lid of ROG is composed of mottled plastic. There is the metallic centrepiece on the lid which houses Asus pus Republic of Gamers icons.

The whole metallic part is in black. But Gamers logo, letters, trackpad and keyboard backlighting are in red. Asus is attractive to South American Tribes. That’s why the area above the keyboard has a pattern of lines. This pattern is from the Mayan theme.

No doubt the body of Asus ROG GL552VW is awesome. The only associated issue is the inconsistency. Somewhere, the body is rock solid and on some points flex while applying pressure.

Asus ROG GL552VW Features:

Well, users got attracted to the affordable price. But the question arises, are the features sufficient enough? The answer is yes. The whole gaming experience is supported by GeForce GTX 960M. It contains 640 stream processors and 2GB memory.

The main power comes from Core i7-6700HQ. This is Intel’s most powerful processor which is known as Skulake chip. Skylake chip is the main part of the most powerful laptops on the planet.

To support high-end gaming experience, there is 8 GB RAM. Two 4 GB RAMs work in dual mode for faster performance.

Asus ROG GL552VW Screen:

This is the real charm about ROG. It offers world-class 1080p gaming area in a lower price than rivals. The screen has a matte finish, so during gaming, the lights won’t come out bright to disturb the user. It offers crisp graphics, it means you don’t have to upgrade GPU any further.

Asus ROG GL552VW Keyboard:

In the case of a gaming device, the keyboard has extreme importance. Gaming is closely associated with keys. Honestly, ROG has a decent and sensible design of the keyboard. For signature, the keys are red-lit. Forgiving best user experience, there is a separate num pad. Sometimes keyboard has absurd key replacements, which is not the case with ROG.  The quality of the keys is satisfactory.

Asus ROG GL552VW Trackpad:

The trackpad is wide and smooth but still have some problems. Whenever a user needs to register the click, it requires extra effort. This issue is same with the buttons of the trackpad. In gaming, this pressure issue may create problems.

Asus ROG GL552VW Battery Life:

The battery-life of ROG is pretty much better than its competitors. It lasts for straight three and half hours. This life is in condition with 40% brightness and basic applications.

The real question is about gaming battery life. Well, still it does pretty great. It can last for one and half hours after maximum gaming experience.

Final Verdict:

So why you should buy Asus ROG GL552VW? If you are a fan of 1080p gaming, but got the lower budget. Then ROG is the best bet. Technically, there is not a big issue with the machine. It does pretty great as compared to rivals. Again high-quality gaming at the affordable price tag!


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