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Notebook Lenovo G70-80 Review

Lenovo G70-80 Review: If you are looking for an affordable device for office work. You should check out Lenovo G70-80. Well, in terms of performance it is not the best. But it provides sufficient features for office work as compared to the price tag.

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Lenovo developed it’s low-cost notebook known as Lenovo G70-80. In terms of features, it is pretty much alike B70-80. The lower price tag and 17.3inch construction are the compelling facts about this notebook.

Lenovo G70-80 Specifications:

Here are the precise specifications of G70-80 notebook:

  • Processor: Intel Pentium 3825 1.9GHz
  • Display: 3 inches, 1600 x 900 pixels, TN LED
  • Memory: 8192 MB, DDR3-1600
  • Storage: 1000 GB
  • Weight:9 kg

Lenovo G70-80 Display:

The display is the prime part of any laptop. G70-80 offers glossy 17.3 inch screen. The resolution is precisely 1600 x 900 pixels. As compared to the price, the brightness and contrast are good in quality. As said earlier, this is not the best notebook but does the purpose fairly. Users may have a problem with the glossy surface. The glossy surface is not suitable for outdoor use and may give headache to the end user.

Lenovo G70-80 Performance:

Now coming to main part that is the performance. Simply G70-80 is a moderate device for office use with 17.3 inches screen. The Intel Pentium processor does the purpose sufficiently compared to price.

G70-80 runs on powerful Pentium 3825U dual core processor. The speed of CPU is 1.9 GHz. Unfortunately, turbo boost is not there for instant performance. The Hyper Threading is the attractive part about G70-80. It works maximum with main and battery power. If you want a laptop for mere office work or web applications. Then G70-80 is a good choice.

The system of G70-80 works smoothly. Users never complain about any hiccups or halt problem. So, it has matched the benchmarks. It works better than other AMD based laptops. You can give a boost to the performance by replacing HDD with SSD.

Lenovo G70-80 Storage Devices:

The storage is immense. It is equipped with 2.5 inches Seagate hard drive. It can store data up to 1000 GB or 1 TB. The speed is 5400 rpm which is normal for any notebook. We can’t say that this notebook is slow. It is just normal.

Lenovo G70-80 GPU Performance:

For graphics, there is Intel HD Graphics card. DirectX 12 is supported by the GPU. But as compared to AMD, it is a bit behind in graphics performance. You can enhance the GPU performance by installing the second memory module.

Lenovo G70-80 Gaming Performance:

G70-80 is not made for playing games. The developers designed the notebook for office work. But still it provides good performance for a smooth running of many games. But the high-performance game will run slow on this device. As said earlier, gaming can be enhanced little bit by adding a second memory module.

Lenovo G70-80 System Noise:

The fan of G70-80 runs slow and does not produce too much noise. It barely disturbs the user. I have not found anyone who has issues with noise.Even in load, the fan does not create too much sound.

Lenovo G70-80 Temperature:

G70-80 does not get warm. Even in load and stress, the temperature does not increase over 30 degree Celsius.

Lenovo G70-80 Battery Runtime:

The battery performance is also satisfactory. If we put browsing load with normal brightness, it can stand at 5 : 18 hours. The battery runtime is pretty similar to B70-80.

Final Verdict:

G70-80 designed for office work at a 17.3 inches screen. The performance is satisfactory as compared to the price tag. We can say, it leaves great impression compared to its rival notebooks. It does not produce sound or temperature, this is a plus point about G70-80. For office work, it is a good buy.

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