Applied Stoicism: Book a Practical Guide to Understanding Yourself

Control Your Chaotic Mind With Stoicism

Applied Stoicism: Take Back Control of Your Chaotic Mind takes you on a transformational journey from start to finish. R.K. Jones explores what it means to take control of the internal duel we all fight between order and chaos. We are our own worst enemy, and it is without a doubt that our consciousness and who we are is in a state permanent of flux throughout all stages of our lives.

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Applied Stoicism is a practical, easy-to-follow guide that gives you not only exercises you can undertake to improve your lives but also the underpinning knowledge. From the foundation of Stoicism to the modern-day functionality within an ever-changing world.   This is quite a complex topic that you may come up with in the university for writing a project. We want to help you and recommend a service that can write my research paper for me cheap.

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Applied Stoicism: In a Nutshell

  • Easy to follow book with a natural progression.
  • Simple and easy to apply exercises to help with everyday challenges.
  • Take back control of your thoughts through practical action.
  • Reduce your level of stress and anxiety by understanding what you can control.
  • Laugh along with the author as they give real-life examples of real-world problems.
  • See each day as an opportunity for growth, life and love.
  • Finding yourself trapped? Applied Stoicism will help you keep digging.

Why Buy Applied Stoicism

R.K. Jones explores what it means to be trapped in hell solely by habits, situations and thoughts while providing a roadmap that can help you escape. By reading this short and practical guide that avoids at all costs self-righteousness and preaching, you can make every moment of your existence in this world count.

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Each one of us walks our road. However, many have walked before us, and with age-old wisdom passed down through the centuries along with R.K. Joneses’ interpretation of Applied Stoicism.  When appropriately applied, the knowledge that will help you build a future with cement and steel foundations can help you and pass on the ability to help generations to come.

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