Apple Smart Keyboard Review, Specs and Features

Apple Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro Review

Apple Smart Keyboard Review, specs and featuresThe recent Apple event 2015 was a huge success for the company. The tech giant presented the best innovative product anyone could ever think of. They were beyond imagination.

Along with iPhone S6, iPad Pro, Apple TV and Apple pencil, there was one more product accessory, Smart keyboard!

No matter how great an iPad or any tablet is! Sometimes you need to type. There are thousands of maniacs who love to write and type. For them, a smart keyboard is a basic necessity to transfer their thoughts into words. That’s why Apple made a smart keyboard. I would say alphabets are the only things that were not innovating. Smart keyboard is embedded with the latest technology that is going to free you from the headache of switches, plugs and pairing etc.

Apple Smart Keyboard Review, specs and features

So without any delay, let’s dig into the specs and features of the Apple Smart Keyboard:

Easy to Use:

This keyboard is extremely light and easy to use. The portability of this keyboard is amazing. You can take it anywhere with your iPad. Just take it out when you need to. Otherwise, it acts as a cover for your iPad. This protection function of the smart keyboard is exceptional that can withstand everyday use.


No matter how much iPad or any other product is being innovative! Numbers and alphabets are going to remain the same. Apart from alphabets and numbers, everything else is completely new and unique. The top layer of the keyboard is made up of custom-woven fabric. It was laser ablated for the formation of alphabets and numbers. The keys have spring-like tension to meet the need for an actual key mechanism. In this way, the keys are just 4 mm thin. With such slimness, it is providing great accuracy and stability. You will feel like using an actual keyboard while working on the smart keyboard.

Innovative Communication:

With such a thin design, the use of wires was not possible. That’s why Apple engineers designed a material made up of nylon and metal to create a conductive material. In this way, you can attach your smart keyboard to an iPad. You don’t have to plug in your keyboard for charging. Just use your keyboard while attaching it with the iPad, and your keyboard will be charged. The conductive is extremely durable that is going to hold up for a lifetime of folding and unfolding.

No switches or Pairing:

The design of the Smart keyboard is so amazing. It has removed the need for traditional switches and pairing. There is a smart connector on the edge for placing iPad Pro. The same connector is also present on the iPad Pro. You just need to place it right on the smart keyboard. The conductive material of the smart keyboard works as a communication channel for transferring power and data. This communication is two way.


When we are using a keyboard, we have developed a habit of using shortcuts. Without a keyboard, this is not possible on iPad Pro. That’s why this keyboard is going to be loved by the users.

So this was a brief introduction to the Apple Smart Keyboard. Now it’s your turn to use it.

Got one? Share your experience in the comments or submit your own story about this here.

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