Aboriginal Bora Ring – New South Wales

The Aboriginal Bora Ring is considered as one of the various tribal ceremonial grounds of the district. It has been fenced and marked along with a description board. These ceremonial grounds are very important to the Aboriginal people of Australia. They are usually marked with a Bora ring. The Aboriginal Bora Rings are nothing but mandala-like formations. They can be found and seen in the south east Australia. These rings comprise of circles of the foot-hardened earth. They are surrounded by raised embankments. These rings are joined with a pious walkway. Most of these rings are confined to Queensland as well as eastern New South Wales.

The Initiation Of Aboriginal Bora Ring Ceremonies: –

The major purpose of the Aboriginal Bora Ring is to have a platform in order to perform initiation rituals. These rituals are mainly for the boys who are entering their manhood. In the ancient times, women and children had the permission to stand in the bora rings to watch the ceremonies. On the other hand, only men were given permission to enter into the smaller rings of the Aboriginal Bora Ring. This first ritual involved nothing but passing along the marked pathways. It was performed in order to symbolize the passage of entering into the manhood.

Other Ceremonies: 

The ceremony also involved other activities apart from performing such rituals. These ceremonies include story-telling, singing and dancing. The ceremony also involved circumcision and other form of scarification on the genitals or chest. The removal of a part of a finger or a tooth was also seen as the Aboriginal Bora Ring ceremony. The boys were taken care and scrutinized by their elders.

Where Can Be Aboriginal Bora Ring Found?

The Aboriginal Bora Ring was known to be existed in the 1800s. This raised platform of dirt in a circle is located 15 kilometers towards the south of Lismore on Wyrallah Road. The Aboriginal Bora Ring is a sacred and peaceful place.

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