National Transport Museum – New South Wales

The transport system of every country is very important for the development of the nation. The National Transport Museum of Australia is worth a visit. This transport museum is located in Inverell. If you start exploring this transport museum, you will fall short of words. This museum consists of the all the details about the ancient transport system of the country. The National Transport Museum consists of 200 members. This transport museum also consists of 120 vehicle exhibits. There are exhibits of transport from all around the country. These exhibits are worth you visit.

Vehicles at the National Transport Museum: –

The National Transport Museum entertains all the vehicles and modes of road transportation of the country. These vehicles range from ancient conveyance system to the modern vehicles. This place has become a very valuable tourist attraction today. People of North West and New England Area often visit the National Transport Museum to explore the world of amazing and royal vehicles. Various vehicles are showcased on the display of the museum. Some of the most amazing vehicles at the museum include a 1906 Dayton. It is believed to be the last Dayton left in the world. There are various Holdens and Fords, 1912 Renault, GT Falcons and many more. The National Transport Museum never fails to attract the automobile lovers.

Other Attractions of the Museum: –

The National Transport Museum showcases transport which existed some 100 years ago in the country. It exhibits all kinds of vehicles all from all around the country. There is Memorabilia as well as extensive library. There are various ladies attractions such as wedding dresses, dolls and cake icing. There are drinks, coffees as well as tea on sale. There is a fine gift shop. You can easily buy your favorite gifts from there. Lastly, you will find a fine sealed coach parking area at the National Transport Museum.

Visit to National Transport Museum is a Must: –

It is the best place to be in for all the automobile lovers. This place has become a major tourist attraction for the locals as well as visitors. It remains open every day at specific timings except the Christmas Day.

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