HP EliteBook Folio 1020 Bang and Olufsen Review

HP EliteBook Folio 1020 Bang & Olufsen ReviewHP is the most respected name when it comes to personal computer and laptops. The company recently launched a limited edition laptop called EliteBook.

Review HP EliteBook

With EliteBook, HP has done a tremendous job to bring something stylish. No doubt, HP’s laptops are great in performance. But in terms of design, they are boring for some people. That’s why the brand decided to put best efforts to transform design strategy.

HP EliteBook Design:

Here we have a stunning body composed of aluminium and magnesium alloy. The color is darker but looks ravishing. About same combination is followed by most top brands.

The attractive part is the orange accent you will encounter with a metallic shine. Well, this is something new. Approx. same accent is followed in hinge, logo, trackpad and keyboard font. The darker metallic color has the perfect complement of orange accent.

The design of EliteBook is impressive. It weighs only 1.2kg. The thickness is just 16mm. Surprisingly, it is thinner than Macbook Air and ThinkPad X1. HP’s efforts are commendable!

HP EliteBook Features:

Performance always has been a strength of HP. Same is the case with EliteBook! Let’s get down to the business!

The device is running upon Intel Core M-5Y71 processor. This processor has been specially designed for longevity. Another key reason is efficiency! As the chip is designed with dual core with a 1.2GHz and a Turbo peak of 2.9GHz.

Coming to the GPU, EliteBook I slightly behind the competition. It is powered by Intel;;s HD Graphics 5300 core. While its rivals are running on more powerful GPUs.

Coming to the memory, we have 8GB RAM and storage of 512 GB. For workspace, it is sufficient. The only lack can be SATA version, as speed will be restricted.

HP EliteBook Screen:

The screen of EliteBook is only 12.5inches. The resolution is only 2,560 x 1,440 pixels. It means the pixel density is 235ppi only. Honestly, this is not the best one. But for workspace, such screen features are enough.

HP EliteBook Keyboard And Trackpad:

Trackpad of EliteBook got my attention. It is a bit unusual type of trackpad. It does not own traditional buttons. You can’t really press or depress on the trackpad. Instead, the hardware will analyze the pressure applied with number of fingers used. This trackpad does the purpose of right clicking, pinching, scrolling and dragging.

Moving to the keyboard, the performance is good enough. But not great as rivals are providing. The speed is good, but not top quality. A user may double check what he/she has typed.

HP EliteBook Battery:

Battery life is the strong point about EliteBook. Honestly, it is again good but not impressive. If set screen at 40% and browse internet continuously, it will last for mere 8hrs and 15 mins. Well, it is better than original Folio. But not better than rivals.

Final Verdict:

Honestly, EliteBook is the best corporate laptop developed by HP. We have seen bulkier laptops only from HP. But yeah, EliteBook is the real exception. The strong points include screen, design and performance. But the battery and sounds are a bit behind the competition.

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