The Metaverse came to position itself whether we like it or not, it is most likely that the young generations will be the ones to get involved in this environment with greater ease, but not everything is technology, this new proposal brings with it a new economy that begins to take your first steps and start trading Bitcoin.

Many companies are the ones that have begun to be part of the Metaverse through capital investments so that their brands, products, and services are in this new virtual reality and thus further boost their sales.

One of the assets that has caused the most stir in the land and the real estate sector, users who are already in some of the applications that intend to demonstrate what the Metaverse will be like, have simulations of brands and stores such as Nike and Gucci.

The avatars that virtually represent human beings will have at their disposal all the consumption facilities that people have in the real world, from food to famous land.


What do virtual terrains refer to?

Investments in virtual land or plots are considered long-term investments so that when their owners wish to sell, the sale value will be much higher than the acquisition value.

Virtual lands by many developers are considered fashionable assets because later, another type of asset will appear, and users will want to acquire them to position themselves in the Metaverse.

Some of the applications or technology platforms currently driving the Metaverse are Decentraland and Sandbox, where there are plots of land just like in real life, only their dimensions are much smaller than real-world proportions.

The metaverse plots are between an average of 15 and 95 square meters depending on the selected Metaverse, and their price can range from 3.5 to 3.5 Ethereum, which in traditional currencies would mean an investment of around 1 thousand dollars.

It is essential to highlight that over time, these digital assets, just like in the real world, will appreciate, generating profits for all those who initially invested in the Metaverse.

Terrains in the Metaverse

Many visionaries assume that the Metaverse will bring about a new wealthy economy for all involved when it reaches its level of maturation.

These virtual reality platforms were marketing the possibility of socializing and interacting with people from anywhere in the world will allow an increasing number of companies to invest in the Metaverse.

Some virtual land purchases have been for highly high amounts to the point that they have not been disclosed. On the other hand, the location of the land influences its value; for example, if you aspire to acquire a piece of land and nearby an artist or famous person already owns a piece of land, its value will be higher.

Microsoft, Nike, and Facebook are some of the pioneer companies in investments in the Metaverse, and until now, they do not expect to give up the advances they have achieved since they bet that this new technological era will bring high income, which will increase their capital.

The Metaverse will allow its users to have access to a virtual world where the experiences will be so real since 3D technology will be the one that will allow connecting both worlds, of course, through the use of high-tech devices in virtual reality and augmented reality.

Money from the Metaverse

The amounts of money deposited in various investments in the Metaverse reach billions of dollars; its creators estimate that it will come into operation around 10 to 13 years.

Many stores currently have equipment that allows them to experience somehow what the Metaverse represents, where the platforms that are using it on a trial basis in 2022 are becoming popular on a large scale.

Many have not waited for what the Metaverse will be, so they began to invest in metaverse projects or models; what is certain is that the digital market will be promoted and, therefore, the use of cryptocurrencies.


The digital market, since its inception, has been proposing strategies and tools that allow democratizing the growth of the world population concerning investments.

Many are already involved in this environment and have enjoyed its fruits; everything requires perseverance and dedication, even when the digital market through its currencies is so volatile and even risky.

This feature has not made cryptocurrencies less attractive, on the contrary, it has increased their popularity, and the support of their users has generated greater confidence.

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