6 Reasons to Embrace the Matching Set Trend

Matching two-piece sets are one of fashion’s biggest spring and summer trends. Over the past few years, the number of matching sets available has been on the rise, meaning there’s no time like the present to join in!

You Can Dress It Up

Two-piece sets may seem like casual wear, but some of them can be formal enough! The key is choosing the right cuts and colors for a more formal presentation. Any matching set with a longer skirt has the potential to dress up a bit better than patterned pants or shorts. Choose a few matching sets with longer skirts in neutral colors. Pair them with tanks or sleeveless tops for the perfect formal attire for a summer party.

To dress it up, choose delicate jewelry and appropriately-colored heels. When you’re finished creating this outfit, no one will guess that it was a more casual matching set.

You Can Dress It Down

Even the fanciest two-piece outfits can be dressed down to be more casual and comfortable. When you want to wear your matching outfit to the store, to a casual lunch, or the beach, choose a set with shorts or pants. Outfits that use patterned tanks, blouses, and shorts are some of the most popular on the market. Choose a flattering color scheme that doesn’t look too much like pajamas and you should be okay.

To dress it down, make sure to wear some strappy flat sandals. Pair it with some casual costume jewelry pieces and a wide-brimmed hat to keep the sun out of your eyes.

Swap the Pieces

Since a matching outfit comes with two pieces, you can swap them out at will. This means that with one two-piece outfit, you can create limitless other outfits. Swap around the tops and bottoms with other matched sets. Add your favorite jeans or skirts to create entirely new looks. There are no rules when it comes to mixing and matching, so you’re free to try the individual pieces with any other parts of your wardrobe.

Swapping the pieces out like this is a great way to get more use out of your outfits, too. Don’t be afraid to change it up and create new and exciting looks.

Create New Fashion Statements

Matched sets are just coming into style, and there are a ton of adjustments you can make to make statements with each look. Mix bold patterns to create eye-catching styles, and mix with different accessories to take your look to another level.

Matched sets give you many opportunities to create elevated styles, new looks, and play around with colors and patterns. If you aren’t satisfied with the way a look turns out, you can always wear the matching set together. It’s a win-win situation, especially for those who like to experiment with their styles.

Use More Accessories

Two-piece outfits are enhanced with accessories, perhaps more than any other type of fashion outfit. If you want to take your looks to the next level, add a bunch of different accessories. Different bags, shoes, earrings, and more can dress your outfits up or down.

Plus, the ability to mix and match different pieces allows you to try a host of different accessories. Mix it up and find what works.

Great for Your Capsule Wardrobe

A capsule wardrobe is built to follow a certain theme or aesthetic. When you add a matched set, you add a ton of versatility to the capsule. You can use each piece individually to create stunning new looks that fit with your theme or wear them together for an easy, quick outfit. Ideally, every piece in a capsule wardrobe matches. Choose a matching set that keeps with the same theme and you’ll always have multiple matching options.

Plus, you’ll be able to use the other pieces of your capsule wardrobe, including shoes and accessories, to use the matching outfit to its full potential.


With the introduction of the two piece outfit women’s fashion is more accessible than ever. One set gives you multiple new outfits and having multiple sets can expand your wardrobe. With more options available than ever before, it’s time to get enthusiastic about matching sets and two-piece outfits.

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Dave P
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