What Will Happen If You Wash Your Hair at Night?

Question is: Should You Wash Hair At Night? What will happen if you wash your hair at night?

Warning: You’re going to become morning time hair washer if you always wash hair at night!

Quite frankly, you’ll end up with greasier hair in the morning, if you had washed hair the night before. And, nothing is frustrating that messy bunch of hair in the morning!

Most of you may have this habit of having the date night with shampoo. But what’s the point, if you will end with a topknot in the morning to avoid the mess!

For your convenience, we have concerned the hair experts and specialists, whether, we should go to sleep with wet hair or not! The final verdict is BIG NO!

In simple words, this situation is not favourable for health of your pretty hair. Point to be noted, we are not discussing how the hair will look, we are discussing the impact of wet environment for all night on your hair.

Do You Love to Wash Hair at Night?

So, what exactly happens when you sleep with wet hair?

The simplest answer is that you are not allowing natural drying and lifting of hair roots. You may know that tip where you put hair in the bun to lift the hair roots; to gain more volume. This won’t happen with wet hair follicles. Instead of drying and lifting of roots, the follicles will get flattened and greasy in the morning. That’s why in the morning your hairstyle will look like a bunch of limp hair!

If still, you have to wash hair at night, you gotta be extremely careful. As you cannot tug or pull or brush the wet hair. Similarly, while sleeping you should toss or turn in the bed. Otherwise, you are increasing the risk of over-stretching the hair shaft, which leads to severe hair damage.

In Asian countries, wherein hot weather, heat goes on its extreme and due to fewer resources or electricity shortage, lower-class or lower-middle-class suffer the hot weather more than others. In such situations, thousands of people adopt the habit of washing hair at night or taking a bath at night to lessen the heat. Maybe, it can be the best solution for the timely heat problem but it is really worst for your hair.

And the saddest part, this result is guaranteed with any kind of shampoo. So, don’t think about trying newer or expensive branded shampoos. Whether it is volumizing shampoo or skin conditioner, you will end with greasy hair in the morning if washed the night before, and slept with wet hair. This condition becomes worst in the case of long hair! So, crucial warning for long hair ladies and gents.

You must be thinking, there should be a way to deal with it! Honestly, you should avoid it. But in desperate times, make sure to dry the hair before going to bed. If blow-dry is not possible, at least towel dry them!

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