10+ Sexiest Hairstyles For Round Face Shape women

Sexiest Hairstyles for Rounded Faces

Women with round faces frequently asked hairstylists which is the best haircut for them. A round face has a circle shape with little larger cheekbones with symmetry. There are hundreds of great styles that can help you break the symmetry and look extremely elegant and hot.

10+ Sexiest Hairstyles For Round Face Shape women

Check out the amazing collection of the best hairstyles for round faces to spark your personality.

1- Modern Day Mohawk:

If you have a round face and seeking a great hairstyle. Then must try Modern Day Mohawk. It is a great option to look awesome. Plus this hairstyle adds more height to your face. So, your face will look more elongated.

Styling Directions For Modern Day Mohawk:

  • Start with your damp hair. With the help of a blow dryer and brush, make a Mohawk up and put all hair away from the front.
  • Once you are done with drying, use a strong pomade or gel to hold the Mohawk you have made.
  • At the end, use quality hair spray to hold everything together for a longer time.

Recommended For:

As said above, a Round face shape is perfect for Modern Day Mohawk. If you got a fine to thick texture, this hairstyle will be a real stunner for you.

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2- Long And Lean:

A long And Lean haircut is the best compliment for your round face. With this hairstyle, the face will look more in length.

Styling Directions For Lone And Lean:

  • Part your hair into sections. Now spray your air with hair spray.
  • With a curling iron of 1 ¼ inch, make curls through the hair. For better consistency, make sure, each section has been transformed into curls.
  • Once you are done with curling, move your fingers through the hair.
  • At the end, apply some more hair spray for a better finish.

Recommended For:

If you want to make your round face look more elongated, a Long and Lean haircut is the right choice for you. But this hairstyle will go for any hair type.

3- Perfectly Pulled Back:

Perfectly Pulled Back is an awesome choice to show off your hair. Hair pulled back gives a spark to your personality. In this haircut, most of the hair is pulled back but a few are left in front to frame the face. To be honest, this hairstyle let you highlight the best part of your face.

Styling Directions For Perfectly Pulled Back:

  • First of all, with a round brush, smooth out the hair.
  • For adding more volume to the hair, use a backcombing brush.
  • From the hairline, start sectioning hair into smaller portions.
  • Now grab the rest of the hair and pulled back into a French twist. Just do a little bit rough. We don’t want a perfect French twist here.
  • Now pick up your small curling iron. It’s time to twist up small hair sections left out in the front.
  • At the end, use hair sprays for holding everything together.

Recommended For:

No matter which hair texture you got, this haircut will look awesome on you. A round face will be great for trying out this hairstyle. To be honest, this hairstyle is enough to make people notice you.

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4- Fabulously Fringed:

This fringe hairstyle is more than enough to give you a trendy look.

Styling Directions For Fabulously Fringed:

  • Your hair should be damped to start styling up this hairstyle.
  • Use smoothing cream and a round brush to smooth out the hair.
  • After drying the hair, with flat iron give a more finished look to the bangs in front.
  • For adding waves, use the curling iron.
  • For finishing, use some hair spray.

Recommended For:

Fabulously Fringed is an ultimate choice for anyone with medium textured hair. It will make the round shape look leaner and longer.

5- Sleek And Straight:

Now get rid of old fashioned Bob hair cuts, and get edgy style with Sleek And Straight.

Styling Directions For Sleek And Straight:

  • Use root boosting spray on the damp hair.
  • Now make sections of the hair as desired. With a round brush smoothed hair out. Now curl them inside using the same round brush.
  • To hold everything together, use some hair spray.

Recommended For:

The sideway bangs let your face appear much longer. This will work with any kind of hair texture.

6- Beautifully Braided:

What can be better than a complex and classy tight braid hairstyle!

Styling Directions For Beautifully Braided:

  • Start with damp hair, smoothed and straightened your hair.
  • Now divide hair into sections.
  • From each side, start making a braid to the back.
  • When both braids meet at the back, transform into one brand towards the end.
  • Finish the braid with a hair clip or tie.

Recommended For:

This haircut is an exceptional complement to your round face shape. Braids will give your an edgy and longer appearance.  Any hair texture is suitable for this haircut.

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6- Edgy Bob:

Edgy Bob is a cool hairstyle with multiple layers with spiked out bangs. This haircut is alone enough to stand you out in the crowd.

Styling Directions For Edgy Bob:

  • Natural straight hair will be better. In that case, with a round brush, just smoothed out the hair.
  • Otherwise with a hair straightener, straighten your hair. Work on smaller sections to add more detailing
  • To keep the texture of the hair for a longer time, use some pomade or spray.

Recommended For:

Nothing can be better than Edgy Bob if you got naturally straight hair with a round face.

7- Flirty Flip:

As the name shows, Flirty Flip is full of fun. Get a sassy style with Flirty Flip. It will give a softer and longer look due to side bangs.

Styling Directions For Flirty Flip:

  • After a shower, damp your hair with a towel. Now use some hair care products to add more volume.
  • Grab your blow dryer. Now blow dry your front bangs and the rest of the hair away from the face.
  • During blow drying, with a round brush, make curls and flips for a flirty touch.

Recommended For:

You got the natural wavy hair with fine to medium texture, Flirty Flip is the thing you are looking for in your round face.

8- Bohemian Waves:

The great dramatic hairstyle for a round face! The Bohemian Waves. With the longer length of your hair, make the face look longer and leaner. For soft touch, front short layers work great.

Styling Directions For Bohemian Waves:

  • Section your hair from the middle. Use brush throughout the hair.
  • With a curling iron, make curls of the sections of the hair.
  • Now use your fingers once all curls are made to give a looser look.
  • At the end, use hair sprays for finishing.

Recommended For:

Fine to thick hair with a little curly texture will embrace this hairstyle to the maximum. Extraordinary haircut for the round face shape.

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9- Glamour Bangs:

As the name shows, this hairstyle depicts all about glamour and style. With thick full bangs, make yourself look more sassy and edgy. You will get a more enthusiastic appearance due to long extensions.

Styling Directions For Gamour Bangs:

  • Divide your hair to one side.
  • Now make smaller sections of your hair.
  • With a flat iron, smooth out every section.
  • From the end of each section, move iron to flip the hair.

Recommended For:

Due to bangs and flipped ends, this style is perfect for a round face shape. If you have got super thick hair, this haircut is made for you.

10- Wave Excellence:

If you are not a fan of curls or more time-consuming hairstyles, you should try Wave Excellence.

Styling Directions For Wave Excellence:

  • Begin with detangling your hair.
  • Part your hair to the one side.
  • Now pick up the flat iron. Carefully use it vertically in backward motion to create a more winged out curl. Avoid using gin horizontal position.
  • Now keep repeating the last step till the entire head is done.
  • Spice up the hairstyle with hair spray and move your fingers through.

Recommended For:

You have a round face and want something balanced and edgy hairstyle! Wave Excellence is a great choice. Natural straight hair with waves and medium texture is a great situation for Wave Excellence.

11- Elegant Updo:

This is something interesting. With a hot hairdo and messy structures, you are gonna look appealing and full of fun.

Styling Directions For Elegant Updo:

  • Use hair spray on your hair.
  • Now you need to section your front bangs. Grab a flat iron, and work on the bang to smooth towards face edges.
  • Now curl back the rest of the hair. Hair spray will be great to hold them together.
  • Now lift the top layer of the hair slightly to make a crown shape with volume.
  • Now grab the rest of the hair in the back with a hairband or elastic band.

Recommended For:

Bangs are a great way to frame the round face shape. Medium to thick hair texture is needed to try out this hairstyle.

Author Notes:

So these are the most trendy and awesome looking hairstyles for the round shape face. Now it is time to choose which will look best on you! Read carefully and choose the haircut you like the most. What’s left now! Just an appointment with your hairstylist.

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