Things You Must Know If You’re a Virgin

5 Things You Must Know If You’re a Virgin

First of all, this is not a lifehack on how to find a girlfriend or boyfriend. This is a guide if you already have one. Doesn’t matter if you’re a teen, in your 20’s or 30’s – this is your safe space. Because the other space that’s waiting for you is not so safe. A joke, obviously. Or is it?

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1. First Things First

Don’t rush into losing your virginity. We’re not saying to wait for “the perfect partner” because there is no such thing, but simply wait until you’re comfortable with the current one. Yeah, we feel you, there’s that age pressure, and social pressure that’s driving you insane, but just chill. We know, we know – boring, you’ve heard it a million times. Let’s continue then.

2. Talk About It

Not just chat, really and openly talk about it with your partner. Share your fears and expectations. And if your partner is not a virgin, don’t try to hide that you are because it’s literally impossible. How do we know? Because we all tried it. We were all ashamed of it because we obviously thought that you were supposed to be born a non-virgin. Don’t be embarrassed, no matter how old you are. Seriously, just deal with it. And if it’ll make you feel better, you can read our article about funny accidents that can happen during sex . Just kidding, don’t read it until after you’ve had first sex.

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3. Manage Your Expectations

And when we say manage, we actually mean lower them to the lowest possible level. Especially if you’re both virgins. It’s gonna be clumsy and lame, and it might even hurt a little. You can throw the “sexy” out of “first sex” right away. But it’s all part of the natural game, so relax. After that one time, a lifelong pleasure awaits.

4. Don’t Schedule It

Well, you have to set a date and time to see each other, true, but you know what we mean, right? Don’t be like: “Sunday night, 8 P.M. – first sex.” You can set up a date, and if sex happens, it happens. Let it be spontaneous because, as cheesy as it may sound, you only get to do it once.

5. It’s Finally Happening

Yay! But remember to be safe. Yes, we mean condoms and it’s best to go with classic ones the first time around – you’ll try out the fun ones later. However, we also mean every other kind of safe. Talk to each other while doing it, ask what’s OK and what isn’t. Don’t be afraid to try stuff out – touch, look, feel. Listen to each other and to your bodies. The rest will kind of happen on its own. Sure, you can watch a bunch of tutorials on YouTube and sex-ed films, but the reality is no one can help you do the actual act. So, this is as far as we go with you. The rest of the journey, you must take alone, grasshopper.

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