Top 10 Beaches in Australia in 2020

Australia’s Best Beach 2020

Since Australia has a massive coastline, it holds some of the best beaches in the world. Australian beaches are world-famous and are a major tourist attraction. But if you plan a trip to Australia, it would not be possible to visit all of its beaches, because there are many. Based on the colour of sand and water and the diversity in the waters, the beaches are named differently. So if you are planning a trip to Australia in 2020, keep these beaches in your go-to list.

1. Whitehaven Beach

Whitehaven is the most beautiful among the beaches of Australia. It is located in the Whitsundays. The whites sands and crystal clear water of Whitsundays’ Whitehaven make it a paradise for tourists. The sand on the beach is basically the highly pure form of sand, silica, which has a white colour. It has fine grains and is very soft to touch. You will have a magical experience on the beach, with white colour sand and vivid blue coloured waters. This beach is as long as seven kilometres and due to its enormity, the crowds get dispersed and you can enjoy the tranquillity of this natural wonder. The coves myriad, lagoons and inlets add to the beauty of the beach. Whitehaven is the most picturesque and adored beach in Australia.

2. Turquoise Bay

Another favourite and most beautiful beach among the Aussies and the tourists is Turquoise beach. The beach is famous for its mighty and mystic reef as well as snorkelling. The current in the turquoise bay takes the tourists towards the beautiful,exquisite Ningaloo Reef. Although near the sandbar, there are strong currents, so you have to be cautious near the sandbar. In the turquoise coloured waters, you will be able to see anemone fish, colourful parrot fish, moon wrasse, reef sharks and starfish.

3. Cossies Beach

Cossies beach is one of the remotest beaches in Australia and lies in the Indian Ocean. The beach is idyllic and small as it covers an area of just 300 meters. The beach is named after Sir Peter Cosgrove, Australia’s 26th Governor-General. The beautiful natural wonder is found in the Direction Island, which is a remote heavenly area in Cocos or Keeling island. Cocos Island is distant Australian territory. The Cossies beach is closer to Indonesia then the mainland of Australia. Although it is not easy to reach the experience is worth it. You might need a 4.5-hour flight from Perth to travel to the Cossies beach. So plan your trip to Cossies beach in 2020 as it awaits you with all its serenity and tranquillity.

4. Cable Beach

The Cable Beach located in Broome is as incredible as it seems like. You can not describe its beauty in words. The beach is famous for its virgin shoreline and amazing sunsets. Interestingly, the cable beach does not lie in the Pacific Ocean, instead, it is present in the Indian Ocean. This beach is as picturesque as it can be, due to the orange skies during sunsets. On the beach, you can enjoy these sunsets while sitting in the Sunset bar or on a camel or even with the beach rides. The natural phenomenon of the Staircase to the Moon can also be observed on the beach between March to October. And if you are lucky enough to get the staircase to the moon, then make sure to photograph it. You should not miss visiting this spectacular beach during your tour of Australia.

5. Bells Beach

If you love surfing, then this most beautiful beach is a must visit. Surfers from around the world love visiting this beach. The Bells beach is famous for the huge swells which create powerful surfs for awesome surfing. Although you have to care because this beach is not safe for swimming. The beach also hosts a Pir Curl Pro festival which is a surf competition, yearly during Easter. Due to this fest, the best surfers visit the beach. This beach further gets its adorability from the high cliffs and exposed reef.

6. Nudey Beach

The Nudey beach is another spectacular beach in Australia. The beach is present on Fitzroy Island, which depicts its beauty as it is more than 95% under rainforest and is surrounded by the well known Great Barrier Reef. when you visit the Fitzroy Island make sure to have a walk of around 15 minutes towards the south-west of the island to reach the Nudey beach. On the beach, you can also boat and visit the Cairns hinterland. The Nudey beach can be called as a paradise for beach lovers.

7. Burleigh Heads Beach

A beach on the Gold Coast, Burleigh Heads Beach offers amazing surfing conditions and incredible walking tracks. Due to its presence in the Gold Coast, it gives a tropical vibe. It is spread in an area of 4 km. This beach is always crowded by locals as well as tourists and you can spend your lazy day while sunbathing on the shore. The Burleigh Heads beach also offers many options for dining out. While on the beach, you can experience the beautiful land and sea wildlife in natural habitats. The pictures you will take on Burleigh Head Beach will speak out for themselves. You can view seabirds, pods of dolphins, humpback whales and much more biodiversity on Burleigh Heads.

8. Four Mile Beach

Another worth visiting the beach in 2020 is the Four Mile Beach on Port Douglas. It is a very famous spot. As the name suggests, the beach is spread in an area of 4 km. It starts at the base of Island Point and ends with the Mowbray river’s reef. The beach has a huge low tide due to its wideness. So swimming is not suggested on the beach. Although during the stinger season, a net is placed on the beach and you can swim safely.

9. Moonee Beach

When you move towards the North of Coffs harbour for as long as 20 minutes, you will find out this heavenly beach. The beach coastline is relatively untouched and constitutes of highest biodiversity. The coastline act as a marine sanctuary as well as a natural habitat to a variety of kangaroos, koalas, sea eagles and dolphins. The Moonee Beach is amazing for adventurous activities like camping, exploring, diving, canoeing and surfing.

10. Noosa Main Beach

The beach of golden sands and deep blue waters, the Noosa Main beach stands out from other beaches on the Sunshine Coast. The pristine clear waters of the beach make it perfect for swimming. And while you enjoy your swimming, you can also make friends with the pods of dolphins who will be there to accompany you. Humpback whales can also be seen on the beach. The direction of the beach is such that it makes the beach safe and sheltered as compared to other beaches. Once you are done with your swimming, you can enjoy the food on awesome eateries spread across the beach.


So if you are planning your trip to Australia, make sure to visit the beaches and have an experience of a lifetime. Every beach is distinct in its properties and has something new to show you. Check Out: TOP 5 BEACHES IN AUSTRALIA



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