Women’s Favourite Sex Toys Part 2

Top 5 Favourite Sex Toys For Women

Oh, so you liked part 1, did you? And you came back for more. Well, don’t you worry – we’re here for you. Just note that from now on we’re leaving Amazon’s website from part one and will be linking some other sites. But you can relax, they’re also safe and legit.

1. Vibrating Panties

Want to have some fun fully clothed, anywhere you are? You got it. It’s a small silicone device attached to your panties and stimulates the clitoris. You activate it by remote control and voilà! You now don’t have to sit through another boring business dinner – you can have some “fun” while pretending to listen to your colleagues. Just be careful not to make any “weird” facial expressions.

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2. Realistic Dildo

The name itself sort of says it all, doesn’t it? It looks just like the real thing. Well, more or less. It comes in three different sizes – 6, 7 & 8 inches. The real kick is that you can actually warm it up, so not only does it look realistic, but it also feels realistic.

3. Urethral Sound Set

Basically, you get, like, three long rods. They’re very flexible and bend with your body. All three of them are the same size, but they differ in width. The first half of the rod is thin and then slowly becomes thicker in the other half. Each rod has a different width size. You can go all the way with this if you know what I mean. Some might even call it an invasion of… well you know.

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4. Sex Stool

Now, what on earth can this possibly be – you might wonder, if you’re a guy. Well, it’s like a chair to which you can attach your favourite dildo and sit on it. Scratch that – you don’t sit on it, you ride it. So, have a ride of a lifetime!

5. Simple Anal Vibrator

They call it the anal plug. The rest is pretty clear, I suppose.

So, have you tried playing with any of these? Men or women? Don’t worry, you can tell us – no judgment here. After all, there’s nothing unnatural about adult  “fun”. Besides,  they’re just toys, right? And toys are meant for playing.

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