Women’s Favourite Sex Toys Part 1


6 Favorite Sex Toys For Women

We all like to play, don’t we? We used to have a bunch of toys when we were little. Girls liked to play with barbies. Now, however, they play with something a little more mature,  something that’s for adults only. You won’t believe what kinds of toys for women are out there. So, continue at your own risk or pleasure.

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1. Vibrator

But let’s call it the way everyone calls it – a dildo. All right, we admit, this one is a classic, but we have to mention it since it’s so popular in women’s solo play. It does, however, have a “head” on top, sort of. It’s a silicone cushioned massage head. It also has 20 different speed levels. Wow, imagine competing with that with “the real thing”.

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2. 3 in 1 Dildo

God, help me to explain this one. So, basically, it has three massagers on one dildo. The first one is a classic vaginal massager, made especially to stimulate the G-spot. The other one massages your clitoris, and it’s designed to do so softly and delicately. And the third one is an anal massager. Best of all, you can use all three simultaneously.

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3. Anal Silicone Bulb

This is not so much of a toy but rather a preparation for toys and other “backdoor” games. So, how to explain this in a non-vulgar way? Well, you simply put in a thin tube, you know where, and attach a silicone flexible bulb to it. The bulb then fills with everything you don’t want to be there when the games begin.

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4. Strap-On

Yup, you probably already know what this is for. It’s a dildo attached to a woman. Who will be the lucky receiver? Well, that’s entirely up to her and her partner. It can be used both for women and men. Oh, and get this – you get a free lube with it as well.

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5. Anal Vibrator

They call it the “Pure Love Vibrator”. It’s not your typical dildo. This one has a relatively long flexible wire with beads on it. They all vibrate and come in different shapes, so you can safely explore yours or someone else’s intimate area with pleasure. 

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6. 2 in 1 Dildo

This is actually not just a dildo, it’s… well, everything. Women can use for both vaginal pleasure and clitoris stimulation. It can be used on breasts as well. How? I don’t know. When it comes to men, it also has multipurpose, but it’s very hard to explain without getting too graphic. Don’t worry, though – Amazon has a picture and an instruction for each use. So maybe it’s best to check it out there.

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Now, be sure to check out part 2 of this article. But we warned – we’re getting out of the safe space.

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