Funniest Accidents During Sex

Top 5 Funny Accidents During Sex

We all have those moments we’re not very proud of, and luckily most of them stay private. But sometimes they just have the worst timing ever!

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1. Accidentally Hitting Your Partner

This is a common one for the first-timers. They are just not used to each other yet. So smack in the head or two is usually inevitable, but luckily mostly harmless.

2. Drunk Sex

It can turn out fantastic or absolutely awful. It’s a 50-50% chance, like betting only black or white on roulette. However, in the sex game, if you lose – you lose much more than money – your entire dignity. For example, you throw up on or right beside your partner (happens more often than you think).

3. Suspicious Dinner

Ooh, you can already tell what’s gonna happen, huh? Yup, of all nights, you decided to try out a new Asian restaurant that night, right before you went to your partner’s place. And now you can smell it too, huh? Your partner pressed your stomach a little harder… Okay, you got the picture.

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4. Condom Slip

It’s not at all what you think. Try to guess – no way in hell you can. Well, one young lady accidentally inhaled a condom due to so much suction. She thought that she just swallowed it, but a piece of it actually got stuck where it shouldn’t. She had a nasty cough for a couple of months before finally visiting a doctor. And boy, did he have a story to tell. True story, too. She must be a natural vacuum cleaner if she managed to suck a condom of a…

5. Improvised Sex Toys

Bad idea. It appears that over 10,000 people in the UK had to visit the emergency room because of various objects stuck inside them. Objects such as pens, lighters, small bottles, tubes, etc. One guy even decided to light up his “basement” with a light bulb – almost died when it exploded inside. So, people, just buy the proper damn toys. Here you go, you’re welcome. We might have just saved your life.

What more can we say except – love hurts? In the spirit of this story, maybe you should also read 5 Ways To Totally Ruin a Date.

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