Wombeyan Caves – NSW

The Wombeyan Caves are located in New South Wales. These caves are considered as one of the best tourists spots of the area. These caves have formed in marble and are located in the Wombeyan Karst Conservation Reserve. The exact location falls within Southern Highland. They lie at about 77 kilometers north of Goulburn. This place is a major tourist attraction as well as a local holiday area. Majority of people visit it every weekend in order to have a great and adventurous time. Wombeyan Caves is also home to various endangered species. They include wombat, wallaby, possum and bird.

History And Geographical Spread of Wombeyan Caves:

Wombeyan became the very first area to be reserved for the protection of caves. This happened in the year 1865. You will still find various structures from the early 1900s in the caves here. The Wombeyan Caves came into establishment in December 1997. The area of these caves spread around 5.68 square kilometers. The managing authorities who take care of this cave are New South Wales National Parks and Wildlife Service.

The Main Site:

The main site of the Wombeyan Caves includes various camping grounds, a kitchen, a kiosk, various public facilities as well as a public phone. You will find a ranger station near the site of camping. They collect camping fees from visitors. They also prevent unsafe human wildlife association. The rangers at the Wombeyan Caves also protect the domestic flora and fauna. They investigate other complaints and queries.

 Flora and Fauna:

The flora and fauna at Wombeyan Caves include various species of birds like Indian mynahs and magpies. You can encounter numerous kangaroos within the campsites. The local wildlife can also be encountered from a distance.

How to Reach?

The drive from Canberra, Sydney and Wollongong to Wombeyan Caves is very easy. You can carry along a tent, caravan pr a motor home with you in order to camp out overnight. You can also book a cabin or a Post Office cottage.

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