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Kalgoorlie presently referred to as Kalgoorlie-Boulder (after both of these areas were merged) is a city located in the Goldfields-Esperance area of Western Australia. It is situated at a distance of approx. 595 kilometers east-northeast of the capital Perth. The exact location lies right at the end of the Great Eastern Highway. Kalgoorlie is considered as the ultimate spot of the Golden Pipeline Heritage Trail and the Goldfields Water Supply Scheme. Because of it, this city is also considered as one major tourist spot of Western Australia. Interestingly, this city is the largest urban destination of the region of Goldfields-Esperance and the fifth-largest city of Western Australia.

History of Kalgoorlie :

Kalgoorlie came into existence in the year 1893 during the gold rush of Coolgardie. This city is also located nearby to the so-referred ‘Golden Mille’. The name of this town has been derived from the word Karlkurla which means ‘place of the silky pearls’ in Wangai. The history of the city entertains an interesting story. The prospector’s Tom Flanagan, Patrick Hannan and Dan O’Shea were on their way to Mount Youle. They came on the halt during their journey and noticed various signs of gold in that area. Soon, they decided to investigate the same. Soon this area started entertaining hundreds of men in the search of gold. Thus, it gave rise to the mining of various metals such as gold, nickel, etc.

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Things to Do:

Kalgoorlie is a beautiful place and a number of activities can be performed here if you are touring in this city. There are grand colonial buildings, dazzling spring wildflowers, gold-rush ghost towns and whatnot. As a tourist, you can check out the Royal Flying Doctor’s Visitor Centre, Kalgoorlie-Boulder WA Museum, art galleries and Aboriginal Arts. The golf course of Kalgoorlie is one popular destination among all the golfers of the world since it leads to the beginning of the longest golf course on the earth – Nullarbor Links.

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