Snowy Mountains Hydro Discovery Centre

The Snowy Mountains Hydro Discovery Centre is considered as one of the major engineering wonders of the world. This place consists of seven power stations. Two of them are totally underground. There are 16 major dams and trans-mountain tunnels. These tunnels range upto 140 kilometers. This centre is considered as a symbol of the endeavor of Australia. The Snowy Mountains Hydro Discovery Centre is located in Cooma on the Monaro Highway. It is situated at a distance of 2 kilometers north of Cooma CBD. This centre is a part of the amazing Snowy Mountains of Australia.

Snowy Mountains Hydro Discovery Centre– What Is It?

The Snowy Mountains Hydro Discovery Centre is nothing but the state of art visitor facility. It showcases magnificent stories of the Snowy Mountains Scheme. It exhibits the stories from the early days of construction to the role played by the scheme in the development of Australia today. This centre consists of an extensive exhibition hall. The hall includes collections as to photographs, models, various interactive displays and other exhibits. The Snowy Mountains Hydro Discovery Centre also comprises of two theatres, maps, souvenirs and a café.

Participate in the common activities carried out here: –

It is considered as one of the most incredible engineering feats of the world. It has helped to shape the country for good. You can experience the incredible part of the country’s water and electricity industries by visiting the facilities of the Snowy Mountains. You can also discover the amazing and interpretive exhibits and displays at the Snowy Mountains Hydro Discovery Centre. There are various informative films about the Snowy Mountain Schemes showcased here. You can take you turn on the power bikes and can also peddle hard to power a TV.

Touring Information About the Snowy Mountains Hydro Discovery Centre: 

Touring to the Snowy Mountains Hydro Discovery Centre is not so easy. You must ensure precautions are taken for a safe journey to snowy mountains. You must check the weather conditions and roads before setting off. You must ensure that your vehicle remains in a fair condition. You must be beware of all the wildlife around the Snowy Mountains region. The Snowy Mountains Hydro Discovery Centre remains open throughout the year during relevant times except Christmas and Anzac Day.

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