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Ultimate Guide To Travelling Solo in Australia As a Girl

Australia is an ideal destination for travelling. And not only for travelling but for solo travelling. It doesn’t matter whether you are a male or female, travelling Australia is safe for all.

Although many people believe that travelling all alone as a female is quite daunting but that’s not entirely true. Travelling solo can be a wonderful experience. Being alone means you are free to try new things, go to places you want to, make new friends, try the food you always wanted to try and be your boss. Moreover, travelling alone as female also means you only need to take care of yourself. You can wear whatever you want and stay in your comfort zone.

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Thus, travelling solo as female has its kind of benefits and perks. You might indeed feel scared if it’s your first time, but as long as you be careful and adopt the necessary precautions, you are all good to go.

This guide is going to help you in making your solo trip to Australia easier and fun.

1. Set a Time Frame

The first rule for your trip is to decide a time frame and then follow it no matter what. Right planning is important as it can save you from many risks and bad experiences. Create a list of the favourite places you want to visit and then stick to your list and your plans.

Moreover, also take help from the internet to calculate the distance and time required to reach your desired destinations. Once you are done with planning everything, consider half of your worries gone.

2. Decide Your Budget

Australia is an expensive country. You will hardly find any decent cuisine under $10. Even if you find something cheaper, it is going to be a havoc for your body. As you are going to Australia alone, so you don’t want to run out of money in the middle of the trip. That is why it is important to make a budget according to your affordability and then stick to it. Even if you need to sleep in the streets, do not exceed your budget. Moreover, also keep some extra cash with you in case of unforeseen circumstances.

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3. Accommodation and Transport

Australia is going to be extremely expensive if you are planning to stay in hotels and keep a private ride. If you can afford it, then you are welcome to use both as they are the safest options available. However, if you want to stay within the budget-friendly limits, then there are other safe options as well.

Australia is full of hostels where hundreds of visitors stay every year. These hostels are the cheapest and safe options for female travellers as well. You can stay in one of those hostels. Moreover, there are also public transport options available in Australia. These options are cheap and they are also safe. You will many people travelling with you to the same destination.

4. Be Careful While Choosing Your Destinations

Australia can be risky for solo female travellers if you choose the wrong location. As a female traveller, you must not choose the destination where there is very limited human interaction. Roaming into the complete wilderness can be risky as well as fatal in some cases.

Moreover, it is also not wise to choose the destinations which are quite far away from your accommodation. Travelling long distances isn’t only costly but also time-consuming as well. Thus, save your travel and road time so that you can get a chance to enjoy your trip.

5. Stay in touch with someone

Law and enforcement are very active in Australia. As a solo traveller, it’s a good idea to keep the contacts of the local police station in case you need help. Moreover, stay in contact with the locals. Aussies are friendly people and they are always ready to offer help to the tourists. That is why, as a female traveller, the locals can be of great help.

So, these were some guidelines and tips to keep you safe while your visit to Australia. It is a very safe country where the crime rate is very low. However, there are still chances that anything bad can happen during your trip. That is why it is always better to be prepared in advance.

Another important aspect you must keep in mind is that Australia has a drinking culture. That means, there are chances of theft and someone can prey on tourists as well. That is why it is best not to roam in the silent streets especially after sunset. The famous places where street crimes occur are Sydney and Melbourne. So, make sure to keep a company from your hostel or simply don’t go to less crowded places.

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