Top 10 Unusual Places to Visit in Australia in 2023

Strange Australian Places To Vist 2023

Australia is a country with many unusual and different places. The mysteries of some of these places are solved, rest are still mysterious. There is a charm visiting these places and looking at the unknown phenomenon of nature. In this article, we will discuss the top 10 unusual places in Australia, so when you plan your trip to Australia in 2023, you get to visit these places.

1. Blue Lake

It is just a blue lake, what is unusual about it? The Blue Lake is located in Mount Gambier in South Australia. And it is formed in an ancient meteorite crater. So what is so strange about this lake, that adds it into the list. The different thing about Blue lake is that it changes its colour depending upon the time and weather. Interestingly, if you visit the lake from December to March, you will find it glowing with pristine blue waters. But if you visit the lake from April to November, you will find a grey coloured lake. The phenomenon which explains this change in colour is still not explained well, but experts think that the warm weather from April to November is the reason behind the change in colour. The lake is an interesting thing to visit. If you are travelling from Adelaide to Melbourne, make a stop at this lake and enjoy its beauty.

2. Pink Lake

Another interesting lake, which is an unusual thing in Australia is the Pink Lake. Yes the lake literally has a pink colour. You can get to this lake by travelling to the north of Perth for a few hours. The lake is commonly known as Port Gregory Pink lake. The pink colour of the water is due to the presence of a vast majority of algae and salt concentration making it bright pink. So make a stop here and enjoy the pink waters and natural mysterious phenomena.

3. Coober Pedy

Top 10 Unusual Places to Visit in Australia in 2020

It can be said as the strangest of all of the strange places in Australia. Coober Pedy is a town in which you can drive and you will feel like you are observing the last remnants of mankind. The place is far away from any sort of civilization. It takes around 6 to 8 hours drive from Port Augusta, which is the nearest town. The town is just above the world’s largest opal mine. Due to the hot temperatures of the town, most of its houses are underground. Interestingly, there is also a golf course in the town, which can only be played at night. This place might be the most unusual place in the whole world, not only in Australia.

4. Wycliffe Well

Another unusual place in Australia is Wycliffe Well. The place is located near Tennant Creek in the Northern Territory. In the Wycliffe well, you can observe strange sightings in the sky. It was first observed during World War II. you can reach this place through Stuart Highway through Adelaide or Darwin. Available online:

5. Daly Waters

The Daly Waters is a Pub decorated in the travelling memorandum. You should stop by and drink a beer at Daly Waters. The place urges all the visitors to drop by something, anything, including ID cards, bras, underwear, flag or a bangle. There is a tree decorated with all these belongings of unknowns. You can also spend a night or two in one of the tin cabins of Daly Waters pub.

6. Wave Rock

Wave rock is another interesting phenomenon. It is a rock in Australia which is as unique as the shape of a wave. The rock formation is 296 kilometres to the east of Perth. Like Uluru, this is a natural rock formation. This rock is also known as Hyden rock because it is located near Hyden town. Wave Rock is one of the most popular sightings in Australia. Your trip to the rock would be worth it. It can be one of the strangest things you ever see.

7. Devil’s Marbles

Devils Marbles, Top 10 Unusual Places to Visit in Australia in 2020

Another interesting place and unusual place in Australia which is worth visiting are Devil’s Marbles. It is known to be the oldest religious site in the world. The Devil’s Marbles are basically strange and circular stacked rocks. These can be found in a desert which can be reached from Alice Springs and Darwin. These granite rocks balance on each other and are scattered in a large valley

8. Squeaky Beach

As the name suggests, there is something squeaky about the beach. And yes it is not an ordinary beach. Interestingly this beach has rounded grains of quartz among its sand. This causes a squeaking sound, when you place your foot on the sand making it an unusual place in Australia. It is a great tourist destination with a stunning location. So visit this beach and let it squeak under your feet.

9. Horizontal Waterfalls

Have you heard something as fascinating as horizontal waterfalls? They really exist and are one of the most unique places in not only Australia, but the whole world. They are located in the Kimberley region and are created due to a break in the McLarty Ranges. The waterfalls are horizontal because the seawater here builds up faster with horizontal falls. This place is worth your visit.

10. Hahndorf

Map of Hahndorf Top 10 Unusual Places to Visit in Australia in 2020

Although Hahndorf does not sound like a strange place, but it is. It is a small town in the Adelaide Hills and is founded by German immigrants. The place has a German character in it including the Bavarian architecture, German cafes and shops. You can visit cafes there to enjoy German cuisine. If you are travelling to South Australia, a trip to Hahndorf is a must, to experience Germany in Australia.


Strange places can be found anywhere, but those that are found in Australia, can be the strangest. So make a plan and visit these places at the earliest. Also, see Australia’s natural highlights



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