What Was Popular To Do In The 80s? 5 Things That Everyone Did Back Then

Every decade has it’s trends and fads. Along with this you have various activities which wax and wane in popularity. The 80s were no different. During this time there were a number of new innovations which quickly become ubiquitous. Many of these are still remembered to this day, and are celebrated as a part of 80s culture. So what was popular to do in the 80s?

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Solve Rubik’s Cubes

This brain teasing toy was invented in 1974 by Hungarian sculptor Emo Rubik. It wasn’t until it was released internationally that the toy become a worldwide sensation. This happened in 1980 and the rest is history. Back then you couldn’t go anywhere without seeing someone with one of these cubes. When you look at the colorful design of this toy, it’s no wonder. The Rubik’s cube is pure 80s. Although these toys are not anywhere as popular as they once were, Rubik’s cubes continue to sell. Not only that, there are worldwide associations of speedcubers, who make it their goal to solve the cube as quickly as possible.

Watch Music Videos

What was popular to do in the 80s? Watch music videos with your friends. You see, although music videos are still produced and watched today, their greatest period as a cultural force occurred during the 80s. This was simply because music videos were first conceived during this time. It’s also because MTV started broadcasting in 1981. This time also gave us some of the greatest and most influential music videos. Probably the most famous was Thriller by Michael Jackson. Along with this you also had famous videos by people like Prince, Madonna, and Cyndi Lauper.

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Eating at the food court

Believe it or not, the food court wasn’t always a staple of your local mall. Nope, in the past restaurants and fast food shops were decentralized and spread throughout the mall, if they were there at all. It wasn’t until the 1980s that developers hit upon the idea of the food court. They realized that a centralized area of restaurants and seating was a great way to keep people in the mall.

Play With Your Yo-yo

Yo-yos have been around forever (this toy was first patented all the way back in 1866), but these toys were probably at their most popular during the 80s. One of the biggest reasons for this was because Coca-Cola started giving them away as promotional items along with their drinks. This lead to a massive resurgence and re-popularization of the toy. These yo-yos are now considered collectors’ items and can sell for as much as $300 online.

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Listen to Your Walkman

What was popular to do in the 80s was listening to your Walkman. In fact, no article about the 80s is complete without mentioning this device. The 80s were truly a golden age for music, but not only that, it was also an amazing time for music technology. The best example of this is the Walkman. First released in 1979, this was one of the many devices which can to define this era. Another popular 80s device was the Boombox or “ghetto blaster.”

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